This started out as a travel blog named Endless Destinations over on Tumblr, when I was leaving on a six-week Korean language trip. From that, it’s evolved into a life blog, but I don’t plan on quitting travel any time soon.

Below you can find some highlights of my travels.


Chuncheon, South Korea – Summer 2011
First Ever Blog Post
Arriving in Chuncheon
Making Friends and Classes
Babies at Eastern

Aberdeen, Scotland – Spring 2013
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Class in Aberdeen
Stonehaven, Scotland
Aberdeen FC Game
Reid Swims in the North Sea
Inverness, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Edinburgh, Scotland
Rome, Italy – Spring Break 2013
Cinque Terre, Italy – Spring Break 2013
Florence, Italy – Spring Break 2013
Malaga, Spain – Stolen Passport
Madrid, Spain – To the Embassy
London, England

Who knows where the world will take me next? 🙂



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