The College Experience Experiment

Follow my journey towards regulated, organized college life here!

My first, brainstorming post to kick it all off:
Social Experiment Pilot: College Life

Control Week: This week is a log of my every waking moment, to evaluate pockets of inefficiency and procrastination, typical availability, and workload.

Monday, October 7
Tuesday, October 8
Wednesday, October 9
Thursday, October 10

Friday, October 11
Saturday, October 12

Scheduled Week: This week, I essentially planned out every waking moment with a rigid wake up time and bedtime. The goal is to get everything that needs to be done, finished before the bedtime requirement. Social media is limited, and 100% attention is to be given in classrooms and other settings.

Sunday, October 13
Monday, October 14
Tuesday, October 15
Wednesday, October 16
Thursday, October 17
Friday, October 18


2 thoughts on “The College Experience Experiment

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