Friday Test – Low Key

I don’t have my schedule on me, so I’m winging it…

8:00 – Wake up. I HAD to take a shower. So I did that before class. Thank heavens.

9:00 – Class. I made it. I was for suuuure not dedicated to the class 100%, because I had to keep working on my memo that wasn’t done.

10:00 – Class. Workshopped out memo, but we mostly just hung out and chatted…

11:00 – Eat lunch. Then I cleaned out my closet, and opened up my winter clothes (brrrrr.). I had plenty of time to do this, so that was nice chill out time for myself.

1-5 – Work – I caught up a lot at work, and also wrote my blog about Thursday…Found a funny blog today, so enjoy THIS.

5:20 – Picked up Rachel, we ate dinner at TGI Friday’s for something different. Then we went by the store, and got ready for our function tonight!

7:20 – Hung out at Katherine’s before the function

8:00 – The function was kind of weird, and a lot of people were gone due to Oktoberfest, but everyone matched, so it was kinda fun (it was Wimbledon themed):
IMG_0794 IMG_08009:30 – Riley, his new little Colton and I went out for ice cream.

I got home, hung out with Maggie, Sarah and have now just been watching YouTube videos for AWHILE. It’s 2:35 am and I don’t even feel sleepy. What is my life…


Tuesday Test – Failure

Sorry the format is totally different…I am just tired. Justin wanted a personalized “what I did today” since I didn’t have time to tell him. So.

Dear Justin:

8AM: I did actually wake up on time, and I did not succumb to the desire to go back to bed. So please be proud of that. I did my devotional, studied strat management and began brainstorming my memo response.

11: Class

12: Lunch and clean room – I wish my room had gotten more clean, but I have at least moved all the clothes that need to be washed into the hamper…

1-5: Work. I did a lot of work today, but I also did not follow my social media rule while I was there. So that was a failure. But I found some really great, funny, things online today. So. I’d say my life was enhanced for sure. Especially that goldfish article. That is my ACTUAL life.

5: Eat. also, Rachel and I got our second Birchboxes today and it was fun to open it!!!

6-730: read Poli Sci became more like 630-730.

730-930: Study Strat was kind of that, but didn’t get a whole lot done. because the preseason Thunder game in OKC was on, and they played the Nuggets, and how could i not watch it, even though I had to watch it illegally on FirstRow, and so yeah I was determined, but we won so it was great and la la la la la.

10: Justin came over about 9:20 and hung out and helped me with chem homework.

Pledges came to sing to us (best ever) around 1040, and now i’m here. It’s 11:40, I feel kind of under the weather and I’m late getting to bed! EEK!

TIME: 11:39PM

Evaluation: It’s only day 2 and I CAN’T HOLD MYSELF TOGETHER.

I should have studied more for strat but i just can’t. I’m out.

Friday #1: Control

840: I wake up…Decide to not go to class.
10: this class was cancelled, just needed to turn something in by midnight tonight.

12: Get out of bed…finally. The maintenance people stop by and look at the roof, from where it had rained recently on Rachel’s head.

1-5: Work! I even got there early so I picked lunch up at a deli downtown that a friend and I went to this summer. I get this text message while I’m there, which was pretty weird…but okay:

5:15: i pick up a book from Emily’s apartment and remember all of the sudden that I have my pre-teen group tonight! So i race down to the office and I’m only 3 minutes late. Whew.

5:30-8: This group is so interesting and I can’t wait to learn more about these kids and their lives. It is so fun to see them and try and remember back to when I was 9 as well and how I felt about my adoption and identity. There will be a couple interesting stories for sure, and we have all types of kids: quiet, loud, timid, forceful. Should be an interesting time…!

8: I swing by Nate’s apartment to pick up my “surprise.” It was a box of paper pads from Chevron (that I adore). He said they got left in a building after a recruiitnig event and he knew I would like them. What a thoughtful friend. And now I have Chevron paper to last me for dayzzzz.

8:30-forever: Studying with Justin. I wrote my paper that was due at midnight! I’m having a hard time remembering what I did after that until 1:30am, but I was awake. Probably playing Plague. My life.

Bedtime: 1:30

Tuesday #1: Control

8:20 – I wake up, and find out my interview isn’t at 9:30, but is at 10:15. I go back to bed.

9:20 – I run around getting ready and go to my interview.

10:45 – Get out of the interview, chat with John who was recruiting there for Oxy today, hustle to class. I am conveniently 4 minutes early, even after talking to Angelina and Carolyn in the lobby of Kep.

11:00 – In class we discuss ionic radii and atomic bonding. In reality, I spaced out a little and replied to a message about a meeting and voted for one of these awards at Innovating Justice. We also discussed skipping class Thursday and driving to Joplin for a field trip. So that’s exciting!

12:00 – I cruise through ACAC, say hi to a couple people, and catch Courtney on the way to eat lunch at the house. I eat pretzel chips and hummus for lunch (yum) and also Instagram one of the adorable pictures of my sister for her birthday. I changed skirts (That was dumb) and shoes, and try to head out to work. The wifi was being sketchy so I couldn’t mobile deposit a check I was trying to do before¬†I left. Also quickly read through my Jesus Calling devotional for today – it was about His unconditional love! Wish I had time to read the corresponding verses.

1:00 РArrive at work, grab a diet coke, check work email, regular email, write about this morning until the current time. Set up a time to meet with one of my mentees for next week, sent out a reminder email about a meeting tomorrow, booked a trip to Houston. Do work until 5!

5:15 – Get home, eat dinner, check Insta. Chat with Derek for a few minutes to see if we can set something up to see them this weekend. Announce that I need chocolate…I pack my backpack to study after, and Alyssa and I go to Braum’s.

6:30ish – Get to the library to study, and see Caroline and Jake. I sit down and try to study but…studying in the computer lab is hard because people talk. I check facebook, email and try to start studying when I decide to catch up on the evening on here instead. Time is 7:44. Back to work.

8:30 – Flag football practice! The ball was really slick today…Slash I didn’t catch nearly anything today. I’m over it…

9:30 – We watched the freshmen rehearsal for their lip sync event on Thursday, I replied to some emails, and Justin came over to study at 10:30. We didn’t really do a lot of studying, because I mostly complained for the first part. He went through my notecards with me for about a half hour. When he went home about 11:30, I made EasyMac (also made some last night around this time)…Life. Then instead of studying after that break, I ended up watching all of these:

And an old favorite:

Among others. Sigh.

In bed, not too much studying accomplished: Time: 1:09 am.

7QT:9 First Week of School

It’s the first week of school. I am already stressed and overwhelmed, but also having loads of fun. Check out what Jen is up to at Conversion Diary this week too!

Things I’ve already learned:

1. Freshmen still don’t know how to walk around.

Look, I know you’re 18 years old, but I thought you would have the common sense to not run full speed at doors with people flooding out of them. Since you didn’t, you collided with me. On the first day of school. Senior year is starting off great.

2. Chemistry is going to be a struggle.

I already forgot to turn in my second online homework assignment (whoops) so I had to do the Adaptive Follow-Up version because of my low score (0%) on the other. Ha. Also, I took the diagnostic test, which was a bunch of algebra and logs. You were supposed to get a 12/18, I got an 11. If I fail the first test (oh please, no) I will be suggested for remedial Introduction to Chemistry I. Yikes. Sorry I just haven’t taken math or chemistry in six (!) years. Luckily I have J to help me, but sometimes I just feel really not smart. I had a dream last night I got a 37 on my test.


Confession: I am not really a book buyer. Because I don’t read them. But when I do, I never read them. I had to buy books for all of my classes this year (WHAT) and I actually have to read them (DOUBLE WHAT). My poli sci class has 2-3 articles to read before every class. Which I didn’t think would be a big deal except for 1. our print quota and 2. they’re all 15-30 pages long.

4. Even a small amount of working might be difficult.

I am signed up to work Tuesday and Friday afternoons at the office. I only have one class Tuesday, but I have 4 on Monday and Wednesday. For things due on Wednesday, I won’t have time to do them, essentially, before they’re due. I’m going to have to start getting up early and going to bed late to be able to get it all in. Also, my chemistry homework doesn’t load at work anyway, so…there’s that.

5. I am OLD.

People are turning 21 that I still think are 19. I will be 22 in 13 days. My Gbaby just got her dot match and so I am going to be a GG (great grandma). There are a ton of people in my major, classes and hallways that I don’t know. At the activities fair, there were three tour guides manning the University Ambassadors table. I knew none of them. My roommate is graduating in December. Just…WHAT.

6. When you’re a senior, it’s not syllabus week.

It’s more like syllabus-first-five-minutes. I had articles to read before the first day of class. Rough.

7. I am going to be leaning into Jesus more than ever before.

Not only will this semester be busy and challenging, but, why shouldn’t I? It’s the best way to live.