it’s wedding week!

and believe it or not, it’s already almost wedding WEEKEND!

Just realized when I was climbing into bed tonight that this is the last night I’ll sleep here alone.

Tomorrow (Thursday…today?) is the bachelorette party and we are doing a slumber party gig. Then Friday all the bridesmaids are all staying together in the hotel!

Is this supposed to be sentimental? I’m happy to not be living here alone anymore, that’s for sure. We’ve got groceries in our pantry now, and we kind of cleaned the living room. We’re ready for real life! I think.



This weekend though…

I’ve sure done a whole lot of nothing.

Saturday we had a function with Kappa Alpha, which was fun. Then we hung out with some friends afterwards. It started to freezing rain and there was a nice layer of ice on the roads by about 12:30am. I made the executive decision to not go to church on Sunday.

Sunday, I woke up about 11:15. Snow and cold and everything was coming down, and Justin asked me if I wanted to come over for lunch. I didn’t leave until night time. During that time, we watched TV (Cinderella was on. 😉 ) and tried to make a cake. That was a really good test for us. Basically, I can’t read. The cake turned out alright, we made cream cheese icing and Justin added a sleeve of Thin Mints. It was a good choice. It was kind of like a Mint Oreo Cheesecake…not mad. Then Matthew and Seth came over, and we watched Thunder (they won, finally) and played some cards. While we were playing cards, we got the news that school was not only delayed, but had officially been cancelled for Monday.

And Matthew drove me home, isn’t that so nice?

Aaaaaand then there’s today. My body woke up the first time around 8:30. And I had a horrible dream. And then again about 11:15. I got an email that said I didn’t have to come give a tour, which is good, since I slept through my tour time. It’s now 3:40, I’m still in my pajamas, and I’ve eaten Ramen noodles so far. I read two chapters in the book I’m reading for fun (hilarious), am going to work on my project for class (ugh), catch up on my Bible Plan, and then read GoT if there is still time. I am not too torn up about not being able to go outside today…not gonna lie.

Netflix and my other super-legal streaming website are not working…too many people trying to watch shows. 😦 So reading is obviously the next best thing.

4 days of class and then one more week until freaking spring break. BRING IT ON.

What do you do during snow days?

7QT15: Not…

Yeah welp.

I forgot.

So I’m not linking up, but here are…

7 things that I was doing instead of blogging:

1. Living by a psycho schedule.

2. Failing to live by said schedule.

3. Got “professionally developed” at a Professional Development Day for a scholarship program I’m in. This was actually very cool – we covered a new personality test that I’d never heard of – DiSC theory – and see how that influences our workplaces and how we operate in work communities. I love personality testing and think they’re fun, even if not always totally accurate. (Numerology, anyone? Weird crap but just fun to try).

4. Learned about German culture at Oktoberfest. It was an enlightening experience. So many hats that looked like chickens. They were actually adorable…

5. Ate sushi on Saturday morning. YOU’RE WELCOME, BODY. I’ve been craving some since forever.

6. Caught up with J, who had been gone all weekend.
YAAAAY I missed him so much!

7. Prepped letters and stuff for initiation. It’s I-Week and I’m so excited! I’m already afraid of getting emotional since it’s my last one…!

Sunday Test – Rabbit

Today, I felt like this guy:

So I guess the best way to to this is show you my intended and actual game plans for the day.

Study Strat Management, do devotional and take medicine to Walgreens to get fulfilled. I woke up at 9 (alarm didn’t go off, sucks), and this was all accomplished before church. On the way home from Walgreens, I picked up J and we left from there, so I was a little bit unprepared at church because I didn’t have my Bible. But at least I was dressed, ya know? I think I could have studied more, but I scanned in all the pages I hadn’t read yet, so that was an accomplishment in itself. Would consider this COMPLETE.

Church and Bible study with J. We did this, and even had about 15 minutes to spare so we just sat and talked and smiled at each other. Gross, I know. COMPLETE +15.

Fix Compassion International Account, print articles for Poli Sci and check wedding email. No emails, articles printed, and I even had time to ship off an email to my sponsor girl. I also got dressed for flag football. COMPLETE.

Co-Ed flag football game.
We won. and crushed ’em. Because of me. Obviously. COMPLETE + WIN.

Read for Poli Sci. I neglected to notice that this is also when I should do things like eat food. I was home and reading by 4:37. I was slightly distracted part of the time, and didn’t finish my reading. But I did eat, so that’s good. And wrote 7QT on my phone. And even had time at 6:30 before 6:45 practice to write two thank you notes that weren’t in the plan and organize my binder early. Definitely did all these things and more, but reading not completed. I have allotted an hour tomorrow to finishing POL before class and so it should be able to be handled. I’d consider this COMPLETE.

Flag football practice + game. We lost (bummer), but ended at 8:27. COMPLETE

Shower and stuff before chapter. NOPE. Someone was in the shower. This is where my life starts going downhill…

Organize Binder…good thing I already did that…

Chapter. This was fine, except then my pledge class decided to have a separate meeting afterwards that lasted until 9:57.

Walk with J. NOPE. I told him he could come over while I was cleaning the kitchen (another thing I did not factor in.) He came over at 10:05, and he talked to me while I cleaned the microwave (I love him.). Then we sat on the porch until 10:25. He’s a trooper for letting me stick to my schedule. I wish we could just not..

Check social media, blog, 7QT, write organization email. I am not sending out an email. I’ll do it tomorrow when I have more information to send out in it. I checked my facebook and had 19 notifications. It was wonderful. So here I am blogging. I’ve got to go brush my teeth.

TIME: 11:012


IMG_0747 IMG_0753

Saturday #1: Control

I had planned on sleeping until I woke up, honestly. (ie no alarm)

Rachel wakes up yelling at 4:15. There’s water pouring all over her bed/head from the rain. She sleeps outside for a couple hours.

I wake up and lay in bed for awhile. I try to find a place to take my car in.

I took my car into Firestone at 11:30. They recommended at least 2 new tires, so I just told them to do them all. I went across to the mall while I was waiting (a long time!). I bought a pretzel and studied strat management for an hour and a half, wrote out my rigid life schedules for next week, and went shopping for a little bit. I bought two pairs of jeans (that one store-that-I’m-embarrassed-to-say-I-still-shop-at-because-I’m-22-years-old-but-it’s-the-only-place-I-can-wear-jeans was having a sale.) and a sweater (from somewhere slightly less embarrassing).

IMG_0712At 2 ish, Justin came and we had a late lunch together and then my car was (finally!) ready. It’s so shiny. I need to give it a car wash. Poor thing deserves it. I now have 4 new tires! And they’re aligned and I also needed an oil change. Yippeeeee!

We went back to his apartment and I studied more strat for awhile, but then got sleepy. We both ended up falling asleep (he was on the floor!) for about an hour at least… For new member retreat, they all dressed up like “tacky tourists”, which a lot of people took to mean “like a dad.” It was so funny. I borrowed Justin’s cargo shorts, and the fact that they were too big just made it even better. I made easymac when I got back to the house!

Then we went and “crashed” the new member retreat at 9 in our outfits. Maggie and I had fun running around playing tourist around the house…It’s embarrassing. But here’s my cute little touristy family:


and here’s my outfit in all its glory + my roomie:


We made a Sonic run on our way home, I showered, got in bed and wrote these past three posts. Whoooops.

Tomorrow morning is an early one, an 8:30 to start getting ready for next week, and continuing to study for strat. YAY.

Peace, yo.

Current time: 1:42AM

Expected asleep time: 1:57AM