Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Videography

Now, videography is something that I had convinced myself I didn’t need. I’m a photo person. And I don’t like hearing my voice on camera, either. However, I’ve seen so many wonderful wedding compilations, including one of my brother’s wedding.

And my other sister-in-law mentioned that she wished she would have. So. That started to sway me until I saw the price. (I’m trying to be a leeetle bit budget conscious, you know? See a trend?). Most places started at $1000.

Then I got a text from one of my good friends, Thomas, who I went to Scotland with, and who was there for the “big event”. His best friend from high school attended film school and works in NYC now. He said that he would come for just the price of travel! After speaking with him some more, I was completely sold. I’m so excited!! Forrest is also bringing along a second shooter, who is from Dallas. Even with the holiday weekend, the RT tickets for the two of them came to be around $550. They will be flying into St. Louis (a bit cheaper than Tulsa) and coming down to the grand event with Thomas.

It sure pays to have those friendly connections, huh? 🙂 Now if I only had a “friend” who knew how to do flowers, and also maybe one that wanted to plan the rest of the wedding…!

Take a look at this awesome video Forrest produced recently:

And his partner, Davin:

Check them both out at:

Did you have videography at your wedding?


living vicariously

Right now, I’m procrastinating reading about Venezuela’s national oil company by keeping up with everyone who is using a blog to talk about their study abroad experiences. I don’t think anyone from TU is blogging about Aberdeen, but the girl from Tennessee is. Her pictures on Facebook and her blog are making me crazy…t’s weird to think I started school there 365 days ago.

My dot just arrived in Siena, Italy.

Another girl in EM is in Singapore.

A couple sisters are also in Ireland.

Pictures just make me excited to explore more of the world. I can’t wait to see these places for myself. As for the places I’ve been, it’s hard to not feel like that “place” is yours and nobody else’s. For example, I had a facebook friend that took a vacation to Korea. Why would he go to Korea? That’s MY place. You know?

I was not an annoying facebook overposter (I hope) when I was gone, but now I have to be careful of being the annoying home from abroad poster. (You HAVE to go here, and MUST do this!, When I was here, THIS happened!) It’s hard but honestly, they probably don’t care. This is their experience now, and you just gotta let them live their life…Good luck, little ones. 🙂



Weekend Ketchup: Thursday & Friday

We went to Amsterdam from Thursday to Monday. I got home this morning about 3 (after a stop at McDonalds with Thomas), and then edited/uploaded pictures til 5. I don’t sleep, it’s fine. I actually slept on the plane and bus, so I was feeling pretty good. Also, class has been cancelled for today, which is also a plus. Wednesday our lecture was kicked out of our normal room because of a prospective student day, and they didn’t even tell our professor, so we didn’t have class that day either…

Flying out of Glasgow, we took a bus there, and then got on a plane. Our plane ride was only about an hour, but our bus from Aberdeen left about 1130am and we arrived in Amsterdam about 8. We found a Turkish restaurant close to our hotel, and ate there while we waited for Chase to arrive.

Oh. side note:

1. We got a hotel. Best plan ever. I booked an entire “holiday” through EasyJet, which included flights and hotel for us. Dear Best Western: Please come replace that bed with my bed that I sleep on at my flat. Quickly. I really didn’t want to leave.

Friday, we went to the Van Gogh Museum, but it and the Rijksmuseum were closed for renovations (bummer). They moved a lot of the Van Gogh Museum to the Hermitage Amsterdam, on the other side of town. We bought tickets there and then followed a red rope they had strung across the whole city, leading people to the hermitage. It was brilliant. The exhibit was PACKED. But I saw the famous bedroom painting that was in my French book in high school, so that was exciting. There was a group of girls from New York, I think. One of them said, “So, which ones are original?”

They’re all originals. It’s the Van Gogh Museum. Sigh.

We then went on the House of Bols tour. Bols is a brand of the famous Dutch liquor, called Genever, made from a different part of malt that gin is made from. It tastes a lot like whisky. The idea was to stimulate your senses. The main exciting part of the tour was the Scent room. It was a huge line of all 36 of their flavors (not including the straight Genever). You could smell all of them and guess what flavors they were. It was really fun, plus it helped you decide which ones you wanted to try at the end.

At the end of the tour, it included two tasters of any flavor and a cocktail. We all got something different, which was fun. Mine was too sugary (You didn’t know that was a thing, did you?) and Reid’s had a chili pepper in his…

We also met some cool older couples from England there that talked about spoiling their grandchildren by taking them traveling. We wanted to ask if they would adopt us as their grandchildren as well. They kindly gave us their leftover drink tickets and we hung out there a bit longer.

Around 9:30 we ate dinner at an Argentinean restaurant (SO MANY OF THEM), but not before they thought they had lost me. It’s a long story, but I was always safe, and I had been with Reid.