Real Talk: School is hard.

With every day, it gets harder to get out of bed to go to class. It seems more and more trivial each time. I’ve got a job (this is new, and good. 🙂 ). Plus. I found out last night that I no longer have any staying-up stamina. My eyes couldn’t stay open at 1:15, and so la-dee-dah I went to bed instead of studying more. I had a test this morning. I was the first person done, and when I walked up, he said, “You’re finished?” and I said, “Close enough.”
I surprisingly felt better about this one than the last one, so that’s good…Things are starting to pile up and freak me out. There’s something every weekend from now until June 1 now, and that’s NOT including in-class assignments and such!I heard we have an assignment for Wednesday that is 3 pages long of opinion on China’s energy policy. YIKES. Like I had an opinion on that…

I can make it through 39 more days.

I can make it through 39 more days.

I can make it through 39 more days.

I can make it through 39 more days.


An email I just got…

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 11.28.13 PM

I don’t even understand how this can be a thing. it’s November 17. How can you not have enrolled yet……………….?


7QT15: Not…

Yeah welp.

I forgot.

So I’m not linking up, but here are…

7 things that I was doing instead of blogging:

1. Living by a psycho schedule.

2. Failing to live by said schedule.

3. Got “professionally developed” at a Professional Development Day for a scholarship program I’m in. This was actually very cool – we covered a new personality test that I’d never heard of – DiSC theory – and see how that influences our workplaces and how we operate in work communities. I love personality testing and think they’re fun, even if not always totally accurate. (Numerology, anyone? Weird crap but just fun to try).

4. Learned about German culture at Oktoberfest. It was an enlightening experience. So many hats that looked like chickens. They were actually adorable…

5. Ate sushi on Saturday morning. YOU’RE WELCOME, BODY. I’ve been craving some since forever.

6. Caught up with J, who had been gone all weekend.
YAAAAY I missed him so much!

7. Prepped letters and stuff for initiation. It’s I-Week and I’m so excited! I’m already afraid of getting emotional since it’s my last one…!

Friday Test – Low Key

I don’t have my schedule on me, so I’m winging it…

8:00 – Wake up. I HAD to take a shower. So I did that before class. Thank heavens.

9:00 – Class. I made it. I was for suuuure not dedicated to the class 100%, because I had to keep working on my memo that wasn’t done.

10:00 – Class. Workshopped out memo, but we mostly just hung out and chatted…

11:00 – Eat lunch. Then I cleaned out my closet, and opened up my winter clothes (brrrrr.). I had plenty of time to do this, so that was nice chill out time for myself.

1-5 – Work – I caught up a lot at work, and also wrote my blog about Thursday…Found a funny blog today, so enjoy THIS.

5:20 – Picked up Rachel, we ate dinner at TGI Friday’s for something different. Then we went by the store, and got ready for our function tonight!

7:20 – Hung out at Katherine’s before the function

8:00 – The function was kind of weird, and a lot of people were gone due to Oktoberfest, but everyone matched, so it was kinda fun (it was Wimbledon themed):
IMG_0794 IMG_08009:30 – Riley, his new little Colton and I went out for ice cream.

I got home, hung out with Maggie, Sarah and have now just been watching YouTube videos for AWHILE. It’s 2:35 am and I don’t even feel sleepy. What is my life…

Thursday Test – I suck at experiments

Here I am. Yes. It’s Friday.

Thursday got off to an automatic bad start, and it just spiraled from there!

8: Put in laundry. TWO people were in line in front of me for laundry this morning. TWO PEOPLE. AT 8AM. ON A THURSDAY. What is happening to the world? Soooo, I didn’t do laundry…

8:10: Devotional. Yes, did this at least!

8:30: Meet with my mentee about her classes next semester. Yay for Caramel Apple Cider in the library this morning.

9:30: Fold Laundry: No laundry to fold, so I tried to go back to bed, but got up around 10. Not sure what I did here…

11-12: Class

12-2: eat, met Justin for a few minutes, cleaned my room

2-5: Lab! We kept switching rooms!

5-6: Dinner and memo response. Yes. But didn’t accomplish much by the way of the memo response.

6-7: XA dinner. I didn’t go tonight since I ate at the house. I continued to work on the memo and hung out in my room. I wish i had a better idea of what the heck I did yesterday.

7-8: I started watching the Thunder game that was ON TV and also happening in Tulsa. We lost. But in other news, the Heat and Lakers lost as well.

8:30: Flag game. Playoffs, baby! I miiight have had the game-ending sack. NBD.

9:30: watch a show and/or hang out with Justin. Tried to crank out more of my memo, hung out with some people in my room. Justin didn’t come over until 11ish, and we did my chemistry homework together then. Then we talked until super late (12:30!) and obviously I didn’t blog. I promise I got an ample amount of time in for social media for the day. Whoops.


This whole day was just rough. If I didn’t have anything planned, I just squandered my time and wanted to continue to put things off.

I went to bed memo unfinished, no shower (even after a flag game, I know, ew).