An Open Letter to Derek Fisher

Dear, dear Derek:

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that throughout most of the season, I have had such little faith in you. At least we don’t shout “NO!” when you try a three.

I’m sorry that I grumble when Brooks puts you in a game.

I’m sorry that you’re turning 40 soon, but mostly just for you.

Tonight’s game was glorious, and I definitely didn’t know you had it in you. It shocked and amazed, in a very good way. You impressed me, which is hard to do. You were on point.

Keep bringing your A game, and maybe I’ll want you on the court more. I promise to stop being surprised when you play well…




7QT18: Beginning of break!

Here’s Jen! I’ve got no theme this week…But lists are typically much more fun with a theme…:(

1. Recently, I’ve seen Thor, Ender’s Game, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, and last night I saw Catching Fire! HIGHLY recommend them all.

2. I have senioritis really bad. I’ve more or less attempted to coast under every radar since last week and I’m finally freeeee.

3. My mineralogy professor assigned a paper to write over the week of Thanksgiving (6 pages on a mineral. A single mineral. Let’s get real, here.). It’s due the Tuesday we come back. Tragedy of the week, for sure.

4. I went to the women’s basketball game tonight, and we won by 1 point, coming back from being down over 12 in the first half. It was pretty coolie. 🙂

5. Catherine and I geared up our Craft/Fashion/Beauty blog this week! Check us out at The Sparkle Sisters. We also have a Twitter and Pinterest, so follow us!!

6. My need to shower is dire. Tomorrow morning: life goal.


i’m not dead yet

so that’s a plus.

two nights in a row, i stayed up super late studying in the dining room. last night, i was writing a paper for poli sci. Which. Obviously didn’t get done ahead of time. I finally nailed down my exact argument around midnight.

I stayed awake until 5am this morning. Got up at 8:30 to keep finishing…

It’s turned in at 3:30.

Didn’t fall asleep/not even tired in class when we watched a movie. Props to me.

went on a date with Justin and saw Ender’s Game! Didn’t fall asleep there either, so that’s awesome.

and now watching the thunder before not doing any homework before bed. because i can.

this evening has been great. i feel a headache coming on, so it’s about time for bed. these last 7 minutes of the game may be the happiest bedtime of my week before drifting off to a win.


sorry the formatting/grammar is weird on this one. sometimes I capitalise, sometimes…yeah no.

Thunder vs. Mavs

Hillary Commentary at the end of the 3rd:

Reggie is hurt 😦

Serge has been doing WORK tonight.

Steven Adams is still adorbz. He hasn’t put a lot of points up himself, (but 6 tonight so far!) but he’s definitely going to be rebound master of the year. He’s aggressive, but you just gotta love him. Carter got kicked out for elbowing Stevie in the face. Sucks to suck. But also, they needed to take him out. he’s been in for 13 minutes and didn’t get any points…

The Reddit game thread loves Stevie and so do I.

They saved Fisher til the 3rd, so that’s awesome. Still 0 points for all 3 minutes he was in.

Nicky missed both free throws… 😦

There is such an energy from having Westbrook back. His face after a big play gives it all away. His spirit brings up the whole team and fans in an unexplainable way. I love it.

Here’s the box score that you can access….SO MANY POINTS TONGHT, Y’ALL.

Also. I think I just made a Sports category for my blog posts…not sure how to feel.

My grandma is at this game tonight and I am so jelly.

7QT16: Fun articles I read this week

Well, after the week of nightmarish scheduling, it was followed by a week of “I don’t know what to do with my life and then all the sudden it’s 2 am and I’ve only read buzzfeed all day.” Finally linking up with Jen again… So, without further ado:

Articles I’ve read this week (because I haven’t done much else):

1. Harry Potter – This is a really in-depth look into the Wizarding World. Don’t read if you want all your hopes and dreams to be crushed.

2. OKC Thunder – This is about Steven Adams. I’m pretty close to wanting an Adams jersey, no lie. You just want to love him. (See: article)

3. Oil & Gas – So…This is a thing people believe in…why? For one, my school would literally cease to exist if this took place here. This just makes no sense, honestly. All those people are going to continue to drive their cars, so they’re still stakeholders in the industry in one way or another.

4. Just funny – Finding love in all the right places…

5. I cried at this. – Precious. This provides loads of insight into caring for someone in a situation like this.

6. Adoption Family Trees – This woman has lots of good things to say when we have dumb school projects.

7. Marriage – Well aren’t all these ideas just adorable…

8. BONUS! I read most of this book this week for my poli sci class.