Jason DeRulo: Insensitive and Offensive?

There’s a song currently popular by Jason DeRulo, called Talk Dirty.

Inherently, this song is extremely sexual and inappropriate in general, so that didn’t really warrant this discussion.

Here’s the problem: It’s so catchy. and I love it. And it’s so racially insensitive. And objectifying. And stereotyping. What’s a KA girl who loves JR to do? I knew there was some certain backlash from this song, but I had to go looking for it.

My first exposure to this song was this dance video:

Because this dance is perfect.I was automatically put off by the whole Indian”-ish” sax solos in it, but the rest was so catchy, I’ve been choosing to look past it.

I honestly didn’t even come here to address the video itself, or the fact that the primary language spoken in the video is Spanish but the video is full of Asians, or the idea of international women objectification.

These people seemed to cover various topics regarding the video and other things:
AsAm News
The Singles Jukebox

But I really just came here to talk about the beginning and the end, where the song is bookended by a girl who can’t speak English. WHY have we not learned..from anyone? Ugh. The insensitivity regarding a girl saying, “I don’t understand!” in an accent is just..too much. I just couldn’t really handle it.
See my post about Pete Hoekstra. It’s from a couple years ago, when he used a woman who was clearly an Asian American to identify as a Chinese woman who couldn’t speak English addressing the fact that China was taking American jobs.

I just can’t handle when people agree to pose as inferior English-speakers for that very fact’s exploitation.

So. Now I don’t know what to do. Yes, I shouldn’t be supporting this song at all…

How do you feel about this song, either in general, or pertaining to the girl at the beginning and end? It is also on the track, not restricted to the video.


Thoughts from the depths…

Here is just a glimpse of the tream of consciousness from the worst day ever (yesterday). I was in a horrible mood, nearly for no reason. I didn’t want to do anything, and the LAST thing I wanted to do was study. I wrote this constantly on my phone, so I hope you enjoy. As of today, I’m doing a ton better, mostly because the test is over. Now I only have a paper to write so that’s awesome…

Senioritis is real.
I have a test tomorrow that I don’t want to study for so I get stuck looking blankly at the book. I think: How do I make sure I know this? How do you study? How did I study last time? How does anyone ever study? The questions are never ending. I realize that all I want to do is crawl in bed and not get out until Friday gets here.

I decided to reward myself with easymac at midnight. But I might reward myself with sleep instead. Just kidding. I don’t know anything. That’s not totally true…I’m getting a lot done, but it doesn’t feel like it.
Who needs a 24 hour study lounge when you have an empty, freezing dining room at ΔΔΔ?
I do really like this Chill Out Mix by iTunes Radio for Singers & Songwriters. So mellow. And wonderful.

I made a loop officially on the singers and songwriters iTunes playlist…now listening to the CMA single nominees. Not mad. It’s really cold all of the sudden. I think I need to go to bed.

These are my procrastination tweets during my study time. This is what I think about:
If I make it to midnight, I’m allowing myself easymac. Ready, set, study. #minerals #yeah

Is snapchat the new HeyTell? #thatwasathing #thoughtswhilenotstudying

Daylight savings just makes me want to crawl in bed sooner. But still get out of bed later. #alloftheabove #sleepfordays

Remember, remember the day I had a mineralogy test. #fifthofnovember

Iiiiiit’s starting to get too cold in here. #getmeoutofhere #andintobed #polymorphsshouldlearnthemselves

Tomorrow is a hat day. I can feel it. #gameday but also #dirtyhair

But really, guys. School: the struggle is real.

Monday Test – Relaxed…Too Relaxed


800 – Wake up, check email, brush teeth, etc.
COMPLETE, plus I got dressed.

810 – Devotional
Since I got dressed, this actually started about 815.

830 – dressed + breakfast(?)
Already dressed and who needs breakfast? I went to bed after I finished my devotional and slept until 845. Probably not the best life choice for the day, but…it sort of set the tone for the day.

9-11 – classes…
Not getting on my phone during chemistry was a tough battle. But I powered through, so be proud. We got out of English 5 minutes early, so I had time to run in the house and change shoes (I was wearing sandals and it was so. wet.).

11 – Campus tour
We got to give a bus tour today due to the rain. That was quite the new experience. But it went well, and met some new friends.

12 – Lunch with the prospies
I randomly started crying during the panel today, around the part of “Why did you come to TU?” It was super involuntary, but then I couldn’t stop…Sarah cried at the end of our football game last night because it was her last one. I couldn’t deal with her…now I AM her…

1 – Finish reading and do homework for Poli Sci.
Did it! I also made my phone lock screen the Thunder schedule. It’s casual.

2 – Class
We did review for the exam, and got out at 2:45 instead of 3:15…So i just chatted with people and looked up my course schedule for next semester. I found out two of my classes are at the same time, so that’s cool.

330 – Poli Sci
I was prepared and everything. 🙂

5 – Philanthropy dinner for Theta
Dinner only took a half hour! And I got to watch some sisters perform some songs which were awesome! After dinner, Emma and I set up a time for J and I to take pictures together!!!

6 – Justin time.
He picked me up and we went to an event in the apartment complex at 630. It was a “make desserts in a mug in the microwave” event. It was a fun and delicious surprise. 🙂 We then hung out until around 8:15.

7-10 – No plans
I should have planned something. Like studying for Strat. Or anything. Instead, I hung out with Haley for two hours, essentially. She has email subscribed to my blogs. So, hi baby! 🙂

10-1030 – Write letters for J
Every year during Initiation week, we can’t talk to boys. so J and I write letters to each other. It’s adorable, and I even looked at some of them today. 🙂 So I am getting a bit of a head start on those!

1035 – Blog/social media timeHere I am. But I also had to have mood music while I was blogging. So here’s these:

All in all, I really should have done something useful today, but I just…didn’t want too. Whooooops. Interesting life choices today, for sure. Not nearly as busy as I expected, and I am very pleased that I was prepared for Poli Sci, which is the typical concern.



This is just a random assortment, kind of like Jen’s at Conversion Diary! No theme today, except my crazy life.

1. I have eaten an unhealthy amount of EasyMac lately. Make it stop!

2. Tonight for dinner, I voluntarily had a salad of spinach and strawberries. That’s weird.

3. What does the fox say? Came on my iTunes Radio while studying. I’d be lying if I said I skipped it immediately…

4. All social media apps are deleted off of my phone right now, a la recruitment. It’s so hard. See this post…that is my life. At least now preseason basketball and football keeps me informed on ScoreCenter now.

5. I checked my Facebook quickly on my computer when I got home from the game. 19 notifications. It was so hard to wait to read them….! I have a problem.

6. New music for the week: CHVRCHES and Lorde

7. It’s 11:17 and I made it through day 1 of my Social Experiment. Read about it here!

7QT:10 Something New

This week, my topics are about new things! Link up with Jen from Conversion Diary to see what she’s up to as well!

1. Passport
Well, after all that, I have a new, official passport for traveling purposes once again. I submitted it late, and just prayed they would send me one instead of laughing in my face…

2. GG baby!
This week was Mom/Dot Revelation for our house! One of my gbabies (grand little?), Maggie, became a mom (big) to our newest member, Allie! Welcome to the family!

3. New shirts!
I got a new shirt at both the men’s soccer game and the football game! I also received my study abroad returnee shirt. The cool part about those shirts are that they say “The University of Tulsa” in whatever language is the native language of the country you went to. Welp. I went to an English country… buzzkill. But they at least put it in an Old English font… I think I need more TU shirts like I need a hole in my head, but I’ll take it if you’re giving them out…

4. Cover Letter
We have to write a cover letter from scratch for my English class. So. That’s new. I’m finishing it up tonight.

5. Tour Route
We have instated two new tour routes for campus tours. I will be giving housing and dining tours, starting tomorrow! The new all-campus tour takes students to the newer area of campus (the engineering buildings). It will be great for them to be able to see all of that!

6. New Songs
This has been the song of the week…Too catchy, y’all.

But this video makes zero sense.

And then, of course, there’s this:

7. Photo Album
I started the beginning of the end of my college photo albums on facebook last night.

Fall 2013, here we come.