Today, it’s Friday the 13th, and it’s also my 22nd birthday! See what Jen is up to over at Conversion Diary today too!

My life has a lot of food in it. And I like it that way. Around my birthday, it always involves desserts. And ain’t nobody can be mad about that. Here’s the rundown of my food for the day…Random, I know. But I like it!

1. Donuts
J brought me my favorite kind of donuts (old-fashioned/sour cream) and pretty flowers this morning before class. 🙂 I am too lucky!
IMG_03912. Fruit Leather
I didn’t get to eat a donut immediately because I was in a bit of a hurry this morning to get to class. So when I got there, I was starving. I found a fruit leather in my backpack and rolled with that. Jake told me it looked like beef jerky jello. It’s not far off.

3. Benvenutos
For the first time this year, I got lunch at our pasta bar in our student union building. I got there at 10:55 and the line was still super long :l but that’s okay I guess, because it tastes just as good as I remember. I always get the same thing: Chicken, garlic, Alfredo and pesto. Yum. You taste bad for the rest of the day.

4. Andolini’s
Our favorite place to go for special (or not special) occasions is Andolini’s. We treated ourselves for dinner and tried a flight of beers (4 tasting sized glasses), arancini (most delicious thing of all time), garlic knots, and roasted garlic pizza. Any hope of getting rid of the garlic taste from lunch was immediately dashed.

5. Chocolate Cake
My most awesome roommate left me a cute piece of chocolate cake in the fridge! I can’t wait to eat it!

6. Ladybug Petit Fours
So there’s this place that makes delicious petit fours. We are hopefully(!) using them for our wedding! And every year, my mama orders some for my birthday. This year, they were green and had daisies and ladybugs on them. They’re already gone. Not a lot of people are at the house tonight, so we downed them while watching TV and drinking milk! Thanks mom, Tri Delta thanks you!


7. Cookbooks
My mama sent me two cookbooks by two second-generation Koreans that provided their own take on special dishes. Smoke and Pickles is about a guy mixing his Southern (American) style with Korean flavors. All of the things he makes are super creative. Seoultown Kitchen is an assortment of “Korean pub food” that is great for entertaining. I’m excited because I think that will actually be a very functional cookbook!

8. Food for Thought: Defeating Racial Binary
A friend posted this article on Facebook and it was very thoughtful, and I liked it a lot.

Especially with things like bullying and objectification in the media, it’s something that goes unsaid too often. Here’s also a link to a preview of a documentary about hypersexualization of Asian women in media.



Have a great next week! It’s been a busy but fun one, and I’m so blessed to have spent my birthday with people I love!



useless day…

I slept in. It was a miracle!

Per Chase’s mom’s request, Mama Hillary took him some medicine today. As long as he actually takes it, he should be feeling better soon!

We read our respective Game of Thrones books for awhile, while listening to the TV show soundtrack. Normal. (That was a horrible idea, to buy that book. But Reid and Chase kept talking about it so much, I had to.) It’s 2:40 in the morning right now, and guess what I’m about to do…read. Life.

Found Korean food tonight. WHAT. The only place to get Korean in Aberdream, I think. The restaurant itself was pretty fancy, but they had a takeaway option. We ran into a girl in our Finance class there! I don’t think sticky rice has ever tasted so good in my whole life.

We all ate at my flat, and then went to the student union to hang out for a little bit.

I pulled up my tutorial questions on my desktop and downloaded a powerpoint, so…that’s something, right?

Tomorrow we have a group project to work on  at 11am. I should really go to bed.

Now I know how we sound so foreign.

We speak Korean slower than a 4 year old.

Finally learning conversation though! Moving up!

Tonight, we ordered delivery soup. It came in this big metal box. We opened it up, and there were hot soup bowls, real spoons and rice bowls, and a tupperware thing that had all the side dishes inside. WHAT. Then when we were finished, we just put the dirty dishes back in the box, and left the box at the entrance to the dorm. And it gets picked up. We didn’t even have to call them to pick it back up. What the heck! In the US, people would just not give the stuff back…I doubt they have a theft problem with it, or it wouldn’t be profitable. We had a big bowl of kalbi tang (kalbi soup) for only 6000W. Plus, it was delicious. The whole delivery thing really blew our minds.

Other than that, just an average day. Oh. but we did have Korean cooking class today. We went to the Chuncheon Makguksu Museum and make buckwheat noodles for makguksu and rice cakes! I left my Vista Golf jacket there. I am kind of giving up that I will ever see it again…The coordinator knows I left it, but I feel like she has a lot of more important things to worry about, she’ll probably forget. Ha. It’s been a good run, golf jacket.

Free Beer!

Tonight, we ordered in delivery pork. It was okay. But it also came with a free box of fried chicken. It was a lot of chicken. Also a lot of different PARTS of chicken….”This is the neck! If you eat it, your voice will get better!” FALSE. The chicken also came with a 20oz bottle of Coca Cola, and a bottle of soju. We ordered two orders so we got two things of pork, chicken, kimchi, and two bottles of Coke and soju. HA.

We are not allowed to have alcohol in the dorm. The girls were like, “AHH! We need to hide! Hide!” It was entertaining. We didn’t know it was going to come with our food! We didn’t drink it, but it disappeared somehow.

Entertainment for the night revolved around a pig leg (Australian: trotter) and the chicken neck. And figuring out what to do with the free alcohol.

Since when are fried chicken and alcohol free? Americans would love this idea.