7QT16: Ketchup

This is the first time I’ve had QT out on a Friday in AWHILE, y’all. Here’s Jen’s. Enjoy some stories from the past two weeks:

1. My little family came for Homecoming last weekend! My mom and Mimi came and brought the little boys, who are not so little anymore…Look at how big NT is…!IMG_1086 IMG_1094We lost our game pretty badly…But this was a pretty happy part of the game:
IMG_1087I love that Kettle corn business.

2. I went to Houston with Ed for HAPL’s Executive Night last Thursday. The keynote speaker was none other than Mr. Ted Cruz. His opening line was: “I’ve been in Washington DC all week. It sure feels good to be back in America.” Oh, Texans.

3. I ended up sitting next to Brent Smolik, the CEO of EP Energy. I immediately regretted my glitter nail polish choice, but tried to own it.

4. We got to see some friends, and also got to skip class on Friday. Sometimes it sucks to be away from home, but I really couldn’t complain about some me time/sleep time. I had a big bed and cozy room to myself, and casually watched Cupcake Wars to wake up/until checkout. It was a wonderful morning. Our stay in Houston ended with a delicious lunch at a restaurant with no menus…
IMG_1080This baby was $32. Whoops.

5. I withdrew from Chemistry instead of taking my second exam on Monday. I feel pretty good about it, after having a bit of a cryfest in the library with J. I went through a “I feel like a failure and shouldn’t ever try to follow my dreams again” moment, but I think I’m doing okay. Mostly I’m okay because I don’t have any 9am class MWF anymore.

6. I stayed up until the end of time on Monday and Tuesday (as you saw from my procrastination blogging. Since Wednesday, it’s been all downhill. Relaxing.

7. Cat freaked me out about all the things I need to work on. BM stuff will go out this weekend, and I just pulled out the timeline checklist again. AHHHH. Also. I mixed up our caterer and met this guy at the bridal fair a few weeks ago that acted like he knew me and our emails. He apparently didn’t, as he operates out of a different city. Awwwkward.


Thoughts from the depths…

Here is just a glimpse of the tream of consciousness from the worst day ever (yesterday). I was in a horrible mood, nearly for no reason. I didn’t want to do anything, and the LAST thing I wanted to do was study. I wrote this constantly on my phone, so I hope you enjoy. As of today, I’m doing a ton better, mostly because the test is over. Now I only have a paper to write so that’s awesome…

Senioritis is real.
I have a test tomorrow that I don’t want to study for so I get stuck looking blankly at the book. I think: How do I make sure I know this? How do you study? How did I study last time? How does anyone ever study? The questions are never ending. I realize that all I want to do is crawl in bed and not get out until Friday gets here.

I decided to reward myself with easymac at midnight. But I might reward myself with sleep instead. Just kidding. I don’t know anything. That’s not totally true…I’m getting a lot done, but it doesn’t feel like it.
Who needs a 24 hour study lounge when you have an empty, freezing dining room at ΔΔΔ?
I do really like this Chill Out Mix by iTunes Radio for Singers & Songwriters. So mellow. And wonderful.

I made a loop officially on the singers and songwriters iTunes playlist…now listening to the CMA single nominees. Not mad. It’s really cold all of the sudden. I think I need to go to bed.

These are my procrastination tweets during my study time. This is what I think about:
If I make it to midnight, I’m allowing myself easymac. Ready, set, study. #minerals #yeah

Is snapchat the new HeyTell? #thatwasathing #thoughtswhilenotstudying

Daylight savings just makes me want to crawl in bed sooner. But still get out of bed later. #alloftheabove #sleepfordays

Remember, remember the day I had a mineralogy test. #fifthofnovember

Iiiiiit’s starting to get too cold in here. #getmeoutofhere #andintobed #polymorphsshouldlearnthemselves

Tomorrow is a hat day. I can feel it. #gameday but also #dirtyhair

But really, guys. School: the struggle is real.


This is just a random assortment, kind of like Jen’s at Conversion Diary! No theme today, except my crazy life.

1. I have eaten an unhealthy amount of EasyMac lately. Make it stop!

2. Tonight for dinner, I voluntarily had a salad of spinach and strawberries. That’s weird.

3. What does the fox say? Came on my iTunes Radio while studying. I’d be lying if I said I skipped it immediately…

4. All social media apps are deleted off of my phone right now, a la recruitment. It’s so hard. See this post…that is my life. At least now preseason basketball and football keeps me informed on ScoreCenter now.

5. I checked my Facebook quickly on my computer when I got home from the game. 19 notifications. It was so hard to wait to read them….! I have a problem.

6. New music for the week: CHVRCHES and Lorde

7. It’s 11:17 and I made it through day 1 of my Social Experiment. Read about it here!


Today, it’s Friday the 13th, and it’s also my 22nd birthday! See what Jen is up to over at Conversion Diary today too!

My life has a lot of food in it. And I like it that way. Around my birthday, it always involves desserts. And ain’t nobody can be mad about that. Here’s the rundown of my food for the day…Random, I know. But I like it!

1. Donuts
J brought me my favorite kind of donuts (old-fashioned/sour cream) and pretty flowers this morning before class. 🙂 I am too lucky!
IMG_03912. Fruit Leather
I didn’t get to eat a donut immediately because I was in a bit of a hurry this morning to get to class. So when I got there, I was starving. I found a fruit leather in my backpack and rolled with that. Jake told me it looked like beef jerky jello. It’s not far off.

3. Benvenutos
For the first time this year, I got lunch at our pasta bar in our student union building. I got there at 10:55 and the line was still super long :l but that’s okay I guess, because it tastes just as good as I remember. I always get the same thing: Chicken, garlic, Alfredo and pesto. Yum. You taste bad for the rest of the day.

4. Andolini’s
Our favorite place to go for special (or not special) occasions is Andolini’s. We treated ourselves for dinner and tried a flight of beers (4 tasting sized glasses), arancini (most delicious thing of all time), garlic knots, and roasted garlic pizza. Any hope of getting rid of the garlic taste from lunch was immediately dashed.

5. Chocolate Cake
My most awesome roommate left me a cute piece of chocolate cake in the fridge! I can’t wait to eat it!

6. Ladybug Petit Fours
So there’s this place that makes delicious petit fours. We are hopefully(!) using them for our wedding! And every year, my mama orders some for my birthday. This year, they were green and had daisies and ladybugs on them. They’re already gone. Not a lot of people are at the house tonight, so we downed them while watching TV and drinking milk! Thanks mom, Tri Delta thanks you!


7. Cookbooks
My mama sent me two cookbooks by two second-generation Koreans that provided their own take on special dishes. Smoke and Pickles is about a guy mixing his Southern (American) style with Korean flavors. All of the things he makes are super creative. Seoultown Kitchen is an assortment of “Korean pub food” that is great for entertaining. I’m excited because I think that will actually be a very functional cookbook!

8. Food for Thought: Defeating Racial Binary
A friend posted this article on Facebook and it was very thoughtful, and I liked it a lot.

Especially with things like bullying and objectification in the media, it’s something that goes unsaid too often. Here’s also a link to a preview of a documentary about hypersexualization of Asian women in media.



Have a great next week! It’s been a busy but fun one, and I’m so blessed to have spent my birthday with people I love!


Revamping the Timetable…Again

Today, my mom, grandma, J and I went by our wedding venue to have a look at it! But we found out: it’s hot! and it’s in direct sunlight, so I squint really bad!

I don’t want to have to squint looking at J! So we started tossing around ideas about different times, because mama is concerned about the timing of getting in to decorate and jazz. I’m pretty low maintenance, I could see myself being the head organizer of the decorating madness in the morning, even though I shouldn’t be, and probably won’t be allowed to be!

Originally this affair was set for evening, but then we thought that a nice little surprise that would be really “us” would have to take place during the afternoon. (Not telling) And at afternoon weddings, you don’t have to feed them lunch OR dinner! It’s ideal, right?

Yes. Except for the squinting. It was so bright when we went over there!

So now our ideas: Brunch? or a bit later in the afternoon (about 3?).

Have you ever been to a brunch wedding? What kind of food did they have? J baby loves donuts, so he might like this idea?

Do you think that 3-7pm is an awkward time to have a wedding?