Friday Test – Low Key

I don’t have my schedule on me, so I’m winging it…

8:00 – Wake up. I HAD to take a shower. So I did that before class. Thank heavens.

9:00 – Class. I made it. I was for suuuure not dedicated to the class 100%, because I had to keep working on my memo that wasn’t done.

10:00 – Class. Workshopped out memo, but we mostly just hung out and chatted…

11:00 – Eat lunch. Then I cleaned out my closet, and opened up my winter clothes (brrrrr.). I had plenty of time to do this, so that was nice chill out time for myself.

1-5 – Work – I caught up a lot at work, and also wrote my blog about Thursday…Found a funny blog today, so enjoy THIS.

5:20 – Picked up Rachel, we ate dinner at TGI Friday’s for something different. Then we went by the store, and got ready for our function tonight!

7:20 – Hung out at Katherine’s before the function

8:00 – The function was kind of weird, and a lot of people were gone due to Oktoberfest, but everyone matched, so it was kinda fun (it was Wimbledon themed):
IMG_0794 IMG_08009:30 – Riley, his new little Colton and I went out for ice cream.

I got home, hung out with Maggie, Sarah and have now just been watching YouTube videos for AWHILE. It’s 2:35 am and I don’t even feel sleepy. What is my life…


Thursday Test – I suck at experiments

Here I am. Yes. It’s Friday.

Thursday got off to an automatic bad start, and it just spiraled from there!

8: Put in laundry. TWO people were in line in front of me for laundry this morning. TWO PEOPLE. AT 8AM. ON A THURSDAY. What is happening to the world? Soooo, I didn’t do laundry…

8:10: Devotional. Yes, did this at least!

8:30: Meet with my mentee about her classes next semester. Yay for Caramel Apple Cider in the library this morning.

9:30: Fold Laundry: No laundry to fold, so I tried to go back to bed, but got up around 10. Not sure what I did here…

11-12: Class

12-2: eat, met Justin for a few minutes, cleaned my room

2-5: Lab! We kept switching rooms!

5-6: Dinner and memo response. Yes. But didn’t accomplish much by the way of the memo response.

6-7: XA dinner. I didn’t go tonight since I ate at the house. I continued to work on the memo and hung out in my room. I wish i had a better idea of what the heck I did yesterday.

7-8: I started watching the Thunder game that was ON TV and also happening in Tulsa. We lost. But in other news, the Heat and Lakers lost as well.

8:30: Flag game. Playoffs, baby! I miiight have had the game-ending sack. NBD.

9:30: watch a show and/or hang out with Justin. Tried to crank out more of my memo, hung out with some people in my room. Justin didn’t come over until 11ish, and we did my chemistry homework together then. Then we talked until super late (12:30!) and obviously I didn’t blog. I promise I got an ample amount of time in for social media for the day. Whoops.


This whole day was just rough. If I didn’t have anything planned, I just squandered my time and wanted to continue to put things off.

I went to bed memo unfinished, no shower (even after a flag game, I know, ew).

Wednesday Test – Good and Bad News

Back to normal formatting. Bold is what was supposed to happen. 🙂

8:00 – Wake up, check email, brush teeth, etc. My first alarm went off at 7:45…No way did I get up then.

8:10 – Devotional. Was really good today! Then I was supposed to do the rest of waking up things, like get dressed, etc. Instead, I got dressed as quickly as possible so I was finished by 8:30 and crawled back in bed until 8:45. Not mad about it at all.

9:00 – 11:00 – Class

11-12 – Clean roomNOPE. I tried to study for Strat instead, but was pretty sidetracked. Too many people to talk to!

12-1 – Organization meeting…yay pizza!

1-2 – Review for Strat – What a last minute ditch effort. I’m glad I did it, but at some point, it is what it is…

2-3:15 – Exam. I finished the exam in 20 minutes, which was awesome. For a lot of reasons. It means it could have been great or possibly horrible. I used this time to write a little blurb for poli sci, and so that was good. I talked to a lot of people about the test too. I talked to Ted about my weird class conflicts (Of course this WOULD happen to me as I’m trying to graduate, right?), and went to poli sci.

330-445 – Class. Got out early, around 4:30! Justin also texted me with the wonderful news of his AWESOME MCAT score that he got back!

5 – Mineralogy Lab finish – Yeah….not quite. I think I have to do it all tomorrow after class because I am not ready to do that part yet…At least…that’s what I’m telling myself. I used this time to clean my room, and also…this happened:
IMG_0772Yeah, I hate myself. It wasn’t resting on something steady enough on my desk I guess. I closed it and then it slid off onto the ground. I opened it and found it. I almost died inside. There are cracks all the way around, in a huge circle. And then one side (pictured) looks like it’s been hit with a hammer. You know how much that’s supposed to cost? Upwards of $700 from Apple…..what the heck, Apple…
This is why I can’t have nice things. Ever.

6 – Dinner with Phil – Tonight my grandma’s cousin took me to dinner! We normally go with Connor too, but…he was busy. We went to Mary’s, an Italian restaurant that I’ve apparently been going to for a really long time (even when I was little!) It was delicious, and helped take my mind off of the horror that happened a few moments before walking out the door.

7-8 – Memo Response – Nope…J came over and we talked and beat two levels of Plague…! He stayed til about 9. I also called my dad to ask if I he thought AppleCare would cover this…The answer is no…

8-9 – Free...used with J!

9-10 – Justin time. 🙂 I got to have this early!

Current time: 10:59. I’ve been sitting in my room on my computer, looking for repair places in the area and pricing screen repairs online…SIGH.

So…Long story short, I didn’t do homework again today. But nothing too pressing. Tomorrow I’m going to do laundry and go to coffee with some people so that will be good!

Now I’m going to just lay here…and just forget the world
and play Plague.



Tuesday Test – Failure

Sorry the format is totally different…I am just tired. Justin wanted a personalized “what I did today” since I didn’t have time to tell him. So.

Dear Justin:

8AM: I did actually wake up on time, and I did not succumb to the desire to go back to bed. So please be proud of that. I did my devotional, studied strat management and began brainstorming my memo response.

11: Class

12: Lunch and clean room – I wish my room had gotten more clean, but I have at least moved all the clothes that need to be washed into the hamper…

1-5: Work. I did a lot of work today, but I also did not follow my social media rule while I was there. So that was a failure. But I found some really great, funny, things online today. So. I’d say my life was enhanced for sure. Especially that goldfish article. That is my ACTUAL life.

5: Eat. also, Rachel and I got our second Birchboxes today and it was fun to open it!!!

6-730: read Poli Sci became more like 630-730.

730-930: Study Strat was kind of that, but didn’t get a whole lot done. because the preseason Thunder game in OKC was on, and they played the Nuggets, and how could i not watch it, even though I had to watch it illegally on FirstRow, and so yeah I was determined, but we won so it was great and la la la la la.

10: Justin came over about 9:20 and hung out and helped me with chem homework.

Pledges came to sing to us (best ever) around 1040, and now i’m here. It’s 11:40, I feel kind of under the weather and I’m late getting to bed! EEK!

TIME: 11:39PM

Evaluation: It’s only day 2 and I CAN’T HOLD MYSELF TOGETHER.

I should have studied more for strat but i just can’t. I’m out.

Monday Test – Relaxed…Too Relaxed


800 – Wake up, check email, brush teeth, etc.
COMPLETE, plus I got dressed.

810 – Devotional
Since I got dressed, this actually started about 815.

830 – dressed + breakfast(?)
Already dressed and who needs breakfast? I went to bed after I finished my devotional and slept until 845. Probably not the best life choice for the day, but…it sort of set the tone for the day.

9-11 – classes…
Not getting on my phone during chemistry was a tough battle. But I powered through, so be proud. We got out of English 5 minutes early, so I had time to run in the house and change shoes (I was wearing sandals and it was so. wet.).

11 – Campus tour
We got to give a bus tour today due to the rain. That was quite the new experience. But it went well, and met some new friends.

12 – Lunch with the prospies
I randomly started crying during the panel today, around the part of “Why did you come to TU?” It was super involuntary, but then I couldn’t stop…Sarah cried at the end of our football game last night because it was her last one. I couldn’t deal with her…now I AM her…

1 – Finish reading and do homework for Poli Sci.
Did it! I also made my phone lock screen the Thunder schedule. It’s casual.

2 – Class
We did review for the exam, and got out at 2:45 instead of 3:15…So i just chatted with people and looked up my course schedule for next semester. I found out two of my classes are at the same time, so that’s cool.

330 – Poli Sci
I was prepared and everything. 🙂

5 – Philanthropy dinner for Theta
Dinner only took a half hour! And I got to watch some sisters perform some songs which were awesome! After dinner, Emma and I set up a time for J and I to take pictures together!!!

6 – Justin time.
He picked me up and we went to an event in the apartment complex at 630. It was a “make desserts in a mug in the microwave” event. It was a fun and delicious surprise. 🙂 We then hung out until around 8:15.

7-10 – No plans
I should have planned something. Like studying for Strat. Or anything. Instead, I hung out with Haley for two hours, essentially. She has email subscribed to my blogs. So, hi baby! 🙂

10-1030 – Write letters for J
Every year during Initiation week, we can’t talk to boys. so J and I write letters to each other. It’s adorable, and I even looked at some of them today. 🙂 So I am getting a bit of a head start on those!

1035 – Blog/social media timeHere I am. But I also had to have mood music while I was blogging. So here’s these:

All in all, I really should have done something useful today, but I just…didn’t want too. Whooooops. Interesting life choices today, for sure. Not nearly as busy as I expected, and I am very pleased that I was prepared for Poli Sci, which is the typical concern.