this is my real life.

So I’ve officially started real life I guess!

We got an apartment (!) to live in a few weeks before graduation. Nobody lived here but we slowly moved in all of our stuff. Mostly Justin wanted to get all of this out of his closet:


Then we GRADUATED and stuff! Oh man!




On the 11th (the day after graduation!), I drove with some friends to Leavenworth, KS for a wedding of Justin’s old roommate! I wish I had been more actively blogging then (like I would have had time, laughable), because everything we found there would have been a story of its own!

That night of the 11th was the first night I stayed in the apartment as my very own! Justin has been coming over during the daytime and studying and unpacking/cleaning/sorting. The evenings he has spent at his job training! Monday and Tuesday we went out to eat afterwards and watched basketball. We are gonna go broke doing that, so he ate before he left today.

Since being a REAL adult:

1. The Cox man came and installed our internet and cable.

1a. I discovered we ordered the wrong cable package. Apparently FSN Oklahoma is a super fancy channel… not amused.

2. I met with the caterer, had a phone call with the videographers, ordered the cake, finished our guestbook!

3. I hit someone with my car. OH YEAH. Yesterday was a goodie.

4. I’ve ironed a bedskirt.


That’s where we’re at. Also, my face has had weird flare ups so it’s really unpredictable. So that sucks. La la la.

Here we go, life.



i officially ran out of ideas.

stress induced perioral dermatitis.

dry, itchy skin around my mouth (so embarrassing looking), spread a rash all the way up to my eyelids and forehead. The $115 explanation of the day: you’re a woman between 20-40 and may have a significant amount of stress in your life.

Well. Sort of, I guess.

it started as a small dry patch below some cracked lips after spring break. By that Friday, I thought it was an allergic reaction to my new medication. I stopped the medication, and went to the doctors on campus both Friday and Monday. Every day last week was painful and hurt and la la la, but some days were better than others. I presented at the Research Colloquium without it being too noticeable, but by Saturday night at the banquet, it was starting to stretch up my cheeks. Not itching is so hard, and sometimes I’d cave to bring my lips relief. My bottom lip is constantly swollen and hard to the touch, making me want to bite or itch it (itch being stab it with my fingernails).

I tried everything and ran out of ideas. Water to hydrate dry skin. Multivitamin in case of vitamin deficiency. Replaced toothpaste. Considered re-washing my sheets if detergent was causing an allergy. and SO MANY face products and about a pound of Vaseline.

The more I read, the more I feared that all the doctor would have to say to me is that is is caused by stress. Sure enough.

I woke up this morning looking like this:

I scheduled a derm appointment for tomorrow, but thanks to the “power of the mom,” my mom called and got me in today instead.

I haven’t thought I was particularly stressed any more than normal, but apparently my body thinks differently.

I’ve made six trips to Walgreens in the past 12 days. I made two today.

She gave me an oral medication (big pills…one down, a zillion to go) to take once a day and a facial gel to apply twice a day. We’ll see how this goes. I feel bad for demonizing my medication, but apparently that was not the problem…

The thing I’m trying NOT to think about (because it causes more stress, and also makes me want to cry a little bit), is that she said it could “take up to two months before the inflammation starts to go down.” I’M SORRY, WHAT? I don’t exactly have two months to wait around on this.

Sigh. So. Breathing exercises. What else do you do to not be subconsciously stressed?

The more you know, folks.

Real Talk: School is hard.

With every day, it gets harder to get out of bed to go to class. It seems more and more trivial each time. I’ve got a job (this is new, and good. 🙂 ). Plus. I found out last night that I no longer have any staying-up stamina. My eyes couldn’t stay open at 1:15, and so la-dee-dah I went to bed instead of studying more. I had a test this morning. I was the first person done, and when I walked up, he said, “You’re finished?” and I said, “Close enough.”
I surprisingly felt better about this one than the last one, so that’s good…Things are starting to pile up and freak me out. There’s something every weekend from now until June 1 now, and that’s NOT including in-class assignments and such!I heard we have an assignment for Wednesday that is 3 pages long of opinion on China’s energy policy. YIKES. Like I had an opinion on that…

I can make it through 39 more days.

I can make it through 39 more days.

I can make it through 39 more days.

I can make it through 39 more days.

Another day, another dog. :(

This is honestly the saddest thing ever, but I have been realizing it recently.

Right at age 21-23, your childhood pet is most likely going to die. Right in between the 35 engagements and 5 baby announcements on your Facebook wall, will be that inevitable post of the family pet getting old. It’s so sad.

In the past two weeks, I think my personal News Feed has been witness to 4 pet tragedies. I can’t handle this…! Not 35 more engagements could make up for the amount of sadness that goes along with just one of those posts. (But really, PLEASE not 35 more engagements. Facebook will implode.)

RIP to all my friends’ furry friends (and the non-furry, like fish.)!