Last week in Aberdeen. TYPICAL.



We got a 90% on our presentation. a 70% is an A. So, we got approximately an A+++.

Reid and I went to the beach, and he indeed got in to the water.


Aberdeen FC

We lost, but it was pretty exciting to be there! It wasn’t as full as we expected, but it was probably because it was a weeknight game.

There were still plenty of people getting loud and rowdy. The boys felt right at home. They had no real loyalty, so they could say anything to anyone and not feel bad.

It was chilly, but real fun!

useless day…

I slept in. It was a miracle!

Per Chase’s mom’s request, Mama Hillary took him some medicine today. As long as he actually takes it, he should be feeling better soon!

We read our respective Game of Thrones books for awhile, while listening to the TV show soundtrack. Normal. (That was a horrible idea, to buy that book. But Reid and Chase kept talking about it so much, I had to.) It’s 2:40 in the morning right now, and guess what I’m about to do…read. Life.

Found Korean food tonight. WHAT. The only place to get Korean in Aberdream, I think. The restaurant itself was pretty fancy, but they had a takeaway option. We ran into a girl in our Finance class there! I don’t think sticky rice has ever tasted so good in my whole life.

We all ate at my flat, and then went to the student union to hang out for a little bit.

I pulled up my tutorial questions on my desktop and downloaded a powerpoint, so…that’s something, right?

Tomorrow we have a group project to work on  at 11am. I should really go to bed.

It’s Thomas’ Birthday.

That is all.

Not really, just kidding. We signed him in for class, and he got to enjoy it, I hope! Today was a really great day, so…I have to tell you about it.

Chase and I went to class, and then visited Union Square. It’s a giant mall……..We had some Latin/Mexican (?) food. I thiiiink it might have satisfied Chase’s weird craving thing for a little bit.

Then Reid and I went to the beach. It was such a great day today, weather wise. It was a miracle! There were people surfing, but I wasn’t about to get in that water…And we also found a playground, which was just what I needed today.

We went out to a top rated Italian restaurant for Thomas’ birthday – Karla came too – and it was really really good. Best food experience in Aberdeen thus far, probably/definitely.

After (our three-hour) dinner, we just went back to Thomas’ flat and hung out. Family time! 🙂

Tomorrow we are going to Stonehaven. I’ve got to charge my camera!