new name and that’s it

I’ve had a consistent viewership of zero views for the past three days, and I thought it was about time for a shoutout on the lifestyle blog? Maybe?

I received a notification last week that told me it was my 2 year WordPress anniversary. Which is both hard to believe and easy at the same time, because when this blog began over on tumblr, it was the summer after my freshman year of college.

Here I am now, in the middle of the summer post-college. I picked up my diploma today. Lots of things have changed, but for the most part, I still feel like me.

I’m married now! To the most wonderful man in the whole world. 🙂


People keep asking me what it’s like to be married. It’s honestly a whole lot like when you have a birthday and people ask how you feel. We don’t have to sleep in separate homes anymore, and we have a home together. That’s probably the biggest thing! We’ve been doing a lot of cooking with all of our new gadgets over at SkinnyCookProblems and I’m also blogging about crafts and home organization over at TheSparkleSisters. I have definitely enjoyed the downtime, but am kind of excited to start my job in a couple of weeks.

Biggest pain in the rear about becoming another person with a new last name: changing it. on everything.

I have to go to the DMV next week. SOOO SAD.


but for the most part, just Hillary is hanging out with just Justin and having a great time so far! 🙂

it’s wedding week!

and believe it or not, it’s already almost wedding WEEKEND!

Just realized when I was climbing into bed tonight that this is the last night I’ll sleep here alone.

Tomorrow (Thursday…today?) is the bachelorette party and we are doing a slumber party gig. Then Friday all the bridesmaids are all staying together in the hotel!

Is this supposed to be sentimental? I’m happy to not be living here alone anymore, that’s for sure. We’ve got groceries in our pantry now, and we kind of cleaned the living room. We’re ready for real life! I think.


this is my real life.

So I’ve officially started real life I guess!

We got an apartment (!) to live in a few weeks before graduation. Nobody lived here but we slowly moved in all of our stuff. Mostly Justin wanted to get all of this out of his closet:


Then we GRADUATED and stuff! Oh man!




On the 11th (the day after graduation!), I drove with some friends to Leavenworth, KS for a wedding of Justin’s old roommate! I wish I had been more actively blogging then (like I would have had time, laughable), because everything we found there would have been a story of its own!

That night of the 11th was the first night I stayed in the apartment as my very own! Justin has been coming over during the daytime and studying and unpacking/cleaning/sorting. The evenings he has spent at his job training! Monday and Tuesday we went out to eat afterwards and watched basketball. We are gonna go broke doing that, so he ate before he left today.

Since being a REAL adult:

1. The Cox man came and installed our internet and cable.

1a. I discovered we ordered the wrong cable package. Apparently FSN Oklahoma is a super fancy channel… not amused.

2. I met with the caterer, had a phone call with the videographers, ordered the cake, finished our guestbook!

3. I hit someone with my car. OH YEAH. Yesterday was a goodie.

4. I’ve ironed a bedskirt.


That’s where we’re at. Also, my face has had weird flare ups so it’s really unpredictable. So that sucks. La la la.

Here we go, life.


wrapping it up

I had a wonderful week last week. For one, my face went back to normal for two days (it’s kind of weird now, but I’m hanging in!). My two bridesmaids Kathleen and Rachel drove up on Thursday from Texas, and Catherine came in on Friday! My lovely girls threw me a shower at Cayli’s house on Sunday, after we WON Kappa Sigma dance (and the entire philanthropy week!). I’m going to have to make a separate post about the shower soon because everything was so perfect. They’re the best 🙂

You can see the video here!

Only one girl fell off the stage, so it’s all good…haha but really, she’s okay.

It was a great weekend, full of no homework.




Sunday night I remembered to check for a presentation in Global Energy Decisions. Yep. There was one due in 15 minutes. Whoops. You live and you learn. I presented it today.

Justin is the best, of course, and we went to dinner yesterday because I was hungry, and he also surprised me with an adorable card, flowers and chocolate! Plus a walk around the park, where all the tulips are in bloom.


I have a test tomorrow, that I am currently (obviously) procrastinating studying for.


That phrase always makes me think of this song: