Monday Listicles: 10 Times I Just Knew…

Today is my first linkup at Northwest Mommy for Monday Listicles. Because today has been super rough, I’m hoping this will make me feel better!

1. When I walked into Tri Delta on the first day of Recruitment in 2010: I just knew this was the place I’d be calling home.

2. When I met Justin: I just knew he was The One! 🙂

3. When that one person never emailed you back, I just knew they’d be difficult to manage all semester.

4. When I went to my sister’s 6th grade orientation with her and my mom without makeup and college spirit wear: I knew they would ask if I was excited for middle school.

5. When I watched my computer fall to the ground: I just knew it was broken.

6. When I got home from a cruise over Christmas: I just knew I’d have over 100 emails.

7. When I walk into Petroleum Geology: I just know it is going to be a long evening of being hungry and playing phone games.

8. Any time Justin packs the car, I just know he is going to fit everything in the right place!

9. When I woke up today: I knew it wasn’t going to be a good one. A nap helped tremendously.

10. When I finished dinner tonight: I just knew I needed some dessert. Still do.


So, now I’m just hungry. And desperately need to shower and to do homework. There was no hot water yesterday when I got home, so I just knew I wasn’t taking a shower in the cold, no sir!

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Okay well I was just stumbling around the blogosphere today and found this lady over at Northwest Mommy. Now, I’m not a mom, but she hosts a link-up that is right down my alley: LISTS.

Plus, it’s called Monday Listicles. Just like I call my dots Dotsicle Popsicles!

The lists change every week, so this is basically what I was doing with 7QT, but the theme is pre-decided. Sounds kinda fun, huh? Plus, the end of the week is so hard to write up 7 big things that go together…This will let me look forward to Monday!

Do you link-up? Where do you link-up, and what kinds of things are they?


7QT18: Beginning of break!

Here’s Jen! I’ve got no theme this week…But lists are typically much more fun with a theme…:(

1. Recently, I’ve seen Thor, Ender’s Game, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, and last night I saw Catching Fire! HIGHLY recommend them all.

2. I have senioritis really bad. I’ve more or less attempted to coast under every radar since last week and I’m finally freeeee.

3. My mineralogy professor assigned a paper to write over the week of Thanksgiving (6 pages on a mineral. A single mineral. Let’s get real, here.). It’s due the Tuesday we come back. Tragedy of the week, for sure.

4. I went to the women’s basketball game tonight, and we won by 1 point, coming back from being down over 12 in the first half. It was pretty coolie. 🙂

5. Catherine and I geared up our Craft/Fashion/Beauty blog this week! Check us out at The Sparkle Sisters. We also have a Twitter and Pinterest, so follow us!!

6. My need to shower is dire. Tomorrow morning: life goal.


7QT17: Coming down the pipe

We’re starting to wind down in the semester, which means projects are ramping up. Life doesn’t slow down for slow Hillary, that’s for sure.

Check out Jen’s updates!

1. I am trying to learn to use my computer to its fullest extent, which means utilising the calendar. The nice part: it syncs to my phone, so I should probably just use it. Ya know? I’m using it as a primer for next semester, where I am coooonsidering color coding each class. But…Let’s be real. Probably not happening. I like what I’ve got set up so far.

My next two weeks according to iCal

My next two weeks according to iCal

2. So much undesired writing coming up: English group paper, Mineralogy paper (what, why), and Case Study write up for Strat Management…I’d much rather blog the day away about all sorts of world issues.


3. When Now that it’s cold, I just want to crawl back in bed and hide from the world.

4. WEDDING? What wedding? You mean I have to keep planning things? Well. Shoot. The closest thing to planning I’ve done recently is watch multiple Say Yes to the Dress episodes last Thursday. Catherine is on me like a crazy person…But on the plus side, I’ve gotten all my bridesmaids things out and am going to register with J over Thanksgiving. Now…Making it to Thanksgiving…

5. Kind of a rough day in Hillary’s sports world yesterday – Tulsa lost our “last” home game (the next is over break so we won’t be there), and the Thunder lost by one point – buzzer shot. ONE POINT, y’all.

6. I did go to a Tulsa Oilers game this week. They lost. But we got to sit in the TU box, and got everyone up there, so that was coolie. I forgot how much time people put in between the periods at hockey…But it’s fun to watch! No fights, which was a shame…

7. It’s Friday. Hallelujah.

7QT16: Ketchup

This is the first time I’ve had QT out on a Friday in AWHILE, y’all. Here’s Jen’s. Enjoy some stories from the past two weeks:

1. My little family came for Homecoming last weekend! My mom and Mimi came and brought the little boys, who are not so little anymore…Look at how big NT is…!IMG_1086 IMG_1094We lost our game pretty badly…But this was a pretty happy part of the game:
IMG_1087I love that Kettle corn business.

2. I went to Houston with Ed for HAPL’s Executive Night last Thursday. The keynote speaker was none other than Mr. Ted Cruz. His opening line was: “I’ve been in Washington DC all week. It sure feels good to be back in America.” Oh, Texans.

3. I ended up sitting next to Brent Smolik, the CEO of EP Energy. I immediately regretted my glitter nail polish choice, but tried to own it.

4. We got to see some friends, and also got to skip class on Friday. Sometimes it sucks to be away from home, but I really couldn’t complain about some me time/sleep time. I had a big bed and cozy room to myself, and casually watched Cupcake Wars to wake up/until checkout. It was a wonderful morning. Our stay in Houston ended with a delicious lunch at a restaurant with no menus…
IMG_1080This baby was $32. Whoops.

5. I withdrew from Chemistry instead of taking my second exam on Monday. I feel pretty good about it, after having a bit of a cryfest in the library with J. I went through a “I feel like a failure and shouldn’t ever try to follow my dreams again” moment, but I think I’m doing okay. Mostly I’m okay because I don’t have any 9am class MWF anymore.

6. I stayed up until the end of time on Monday and Tuesday (as you saw from my procrastination blogging. Since Wednesday, it’s been all downhill. Relaxing.

7. Cat freaked me out about all the things I need to work on. BM stuff will go out this weekend, and I just pulled out the timeline checklist again. AHHHH. Also. I mixed up our caterer and met this guy at the bridal fair a few weeks ago that acted like he knew me and our emails. He apparently didn’t, as he operates out of a different city. Awwwkward.