Jason DeRulo: Insensitive and Offensive?

There’s a song currently popular by Jason DeRulo, called Talk Dirty.

Inherently, this song is extremely sexual and inappropriate in general, so that didn’t really warrant this discussion.

Here’s the problem: It’s so catchy. and I love it. And it’s so racially insensitive. And objectifying. And stereotyping. What’s a KA girl who loves JR to do? I knew there was some certain backlash from this song, but I had to go looking for it.

My first exposure to this song was this dance video:

Because this dance is perfect.I was automatically put off by the whole Indian”-ish” sax solos in it, but the rest was so catchy, I’ve been choosing to look past it.

I honestly didn’t even come here to address the video itself, or the fact that the primary language spoken in the video is Spanish but the video is full of Asians, or the idea of international women objectification.

These people seemed to cover various topics regarding the video and other things:
AsAm News
The Singles Jukebox

But I really just came here to talk about the beginning and the end, where the song is bookended by a girl who can’t speak English. WHY have we not learned..from anyone? Ugh. The insensitivity regarding a girl saying, “I don’t understand!” in an accent is just..too much. I just couldn’t really handle it.
See my post about Pete Hoekstra. It’s from a couple years ago, when he used a woman who was clearly an Asian American to identify as a Chinese woman who couldn’t speak English addressing the fact that China was taking American jobs.

I just can’t handle when people agree to pose as inferior English-speakers for that very fact’s exploitation.

So. Now I don’t know what to do. Yes, I shouldn’t be supporting this song at all…

How do you feel about this song, either in general, or pertaining to the girl at the beginning and end? It is also on the track, not restricted to the video.


Best Two Out of Three

So. I have this theory.

I read this awhile ago over at Total Sorority Move.

Here’s the highlight: “I’ve maintained for many years that there are only three basic components to beauty: your hair, your face, and your body. Here’s a secret: guys can only see two of them. I know, I know, that sounds absolutely insane, but it’s true.”

Is it…?I’ve asked some boys about this. They tend to disagree, because they said the face is way too important.

But here’s the deal. I see this in my own routines. Not necessarily to impress boys (HA), but just in life. I will subconsciously do my makeup to counteract and distract from my hair being gross (eg TODAY). All in all, I realized I’m almost never 100% put together. It’s a cute outfit, or makeup done, so choose wisely. My hair, however…is a toss-up. Since I don’t do anything with it, it’s either clean or dirty. Not much else to be said there.

I’m voting a big YES on the premise of this “article.” Because while I was reading it, I was self-identifying without even knowing it!

What do you think about this idea? Are you a compensator, or do you look nice all the time…?

the foundation of self-image

This week, social media and life have conveniently collided into a culmination of information regarding body image. We celebrated Fat Talk Free Week at my school, sponsored by Tri Delta. I also attended a session with a woman who works at Laureate, a hospital that is known across the country as a leader for recovering people with eating disorders. For the past two days, I’ve viewed many things on my Facebook news feed regarding these issues as well, so I just thought I’d weigh in (ha no pun intended, but found it upon editing) on some of the things I’ve witnessed over the past few days.

Fat Talk Free Week (FTFW) is an initiative promoted by Tri Delta as a week to promote having healthy body images. Fat Talk is considered anything (positive or negative) that would have something to do with physical features regarding weight. Things such as:

  • “I look fat in these pants.”
  • “Man, that dress makes your waist look tiny!”
  • “Did you see her? She’s gained so much weight.”
  • “I need to go on a diet.”

I love FTFW, because you don’t notice how often things like this are said in daily conversation, until you’re reminded of those little quips. The slogan is “Change the Conversation.” Focusing on qualities that are lasting about personalities and character are far more beneficial (less gossip) and also promote healthy habits in yourself and others!

I think that one of the things that is often neglected when looking at body image is that it is not only a weight issue. Although I can be considered thin or even underweight for my size and age, it doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t other aspects of myself that I don’t like, or wish I could change. Because of the constant association with the thin-ideal and beauty, people forget that just being skinny won’t automatically make you feel beautiful. I came across this article, Hey, Not All Real Women Have Curves, which I appreciated as a smaller woman never experiencing an eating disorder. We are all women who, no matter our size, do not need to be validated by our size, large or small. Along those same lines, a couple of my Facebook friends shared this article: Sophia Bush Declares War on Urban Outfitters. After UO released a shirt with the words “eat less” on the front, which I agree is completely wrong, she released a shirt that read “0 is not a size.” The message is clear: a size should not be a goal, especially when that number that signifies the size also has the definition of “nothing.” But the reality is, I have to wear these sizes, sometimes smaller than a zero (Aeropostale’s new sizing scheme has me in a 000, wat.), but it shouldn’t make me feel like any less of a woman. Because weighing “nothing” and being in a size 0 is different than feeling like you are “nothing,” because you’re in a size 0… this shirt statement doesn’t exactly make the skinnies feel very good about themselves, either. The sizing system is a mess, but numbers have to start somewhere.

I LOVE it when women take their self-confidence into their own hands. This video embedded on this article has a woman tap dancing in her underwear, and pulling off words like “fat,” “big,” and “cellulite” off of her body as she does. It is empowering to feel comfortable in your own skin, and I love when people express themselves for this purpose.

All in all, body image comes from something much deeper than whether your peers think you’re fat. If they tell you you’re fat, and you’re letting them define exactly what you are, that is where the evil of doubt and self-depreciation enters in. Self-confidence comes from self-worth. It not only defines the way you treat your body, but also encompasses how you treat others, and your heart.

This is why I love the new body image initiative from Tri Delta called “BodyImage 3D.” It encompasses having healthy mind, body and spirit – to build you into the three-dimensional person you were made to be, because you were not born to be flat, or to be a copy of any other person that already exists. You are unique and wonderful in your own ways!

I find my self-worth in the Lord, who made me and loves me with an unending love. He calls me His child and his friend, that I might spend eternity with Him. Following Jesus doesn’t mean there aren’t hard days, it means that He is there to hold you when things get tough!

This was a smattering of things. I’d love to hear any input on you feel about various articles and initiatives that I talked about. I’m sorry it doesn’t flow or make sense. For some reason, I have found myself to be extremely passionate for self-worth and body image advocacy, and I don’t really want to stop!

Psalm 139:13-14

13 For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

7QT13: The Government Shutdown

I am putting out 7QT early/late this week, since I didn’t do any this weekend!

7 Things that Still Happen Despite the Government Shutting Down:
  1. Class. I know. We were all rooting for ya…
  2. Exams. I really didn’t have time to worry about the shut down last night while I was studying for my mondo Mineralogy exam. It’s over now. Thank heavens.
  3. QuikTrip runs. I am pleased to report that my QuikTrip is still open. And nobody has ransacked it (i.e. The Purge). Yet. So that’s a plus.
  4. Taxes. Nothing’s certain but Death and Taxes, right? Even though the government is shut down, I’m pretty sure we’re stilll going to have to turn in our extended taxes (due October 15). We pay taxes because the government does things for us though, right? And now…they’re not?
  5. Breaking Bad is still over. Sorry, world. And I still have not watched past Episode 1 of Season 3.
  6. The Internet. Thanks Al Gore, for doing us a solid there and keeping us connected!
  7. Life. So we better get used to it!


Today, it’s Friday the 13th, and it’s also my 22nd birthday! See what Jen is up to over at Conversion Diary today too!

My life has a lot of food in it. And I like it that way. Around my birthday, it always involves desserts. And ain’t nobody can be mad about that. Here’s the rundown of my food for the day…Random, I know. But I like it!

1. Donuts
J brought me my favorite kind of donuts (old-fashioned/sour cream) and pretty flowers this morning before class. 🙂 I am too lucky!
IMG_03912. Fruit Leather
I didn’t get to eat a donut immediately because I was in a bit of a hurry this morning to get to class. So when I got there, I was starving. I found a fruit leather in my backpack and rolled with that. Jake told me it looked like beef jerky jello. It’s not far off.

3. Benvenutos
For the first time this year, I got lunch at our pasta bar in our student union building. I got there at 10:55 and the line was still super long :l but that’s okay I guess, because it tastes just as good as I remember. I always get the same thing: Chicken, garlic, Alfredo and pesto. Yum. You taste bad for the rest of the day.

4. Andolini’s
Our favorite place to go for special (or not special) occasions is Andolini’s. We treated ourselves for dinner and tried a flight of beers (4 tasting sized glasses), arancini (most delicious thing of all time), garlic knots, and roasted garlic pizza. Any hope of getting rid of the garlic taste from lunch was immediately dashed.

5. Chocolate Cake
My most awesome roommate left me a cute piece of chocolate cake in the fridge! I can’t wait to eat it!

6. Ladybug Petit Fours
So there’s this place that makes delicious petit fours. We are hopefully(!) using them for our wedding! And every year, my mama orders some for my birthday. This year, they were green and had daisies and ladybugs on them. They’re already gone. Not a lot of people are at the house tonight, so we downed them while watching TV and drinking milk! Thanks mom, Tri Delta thanks you!


7. Cookbooks
My mama sent me two cookbooks by two second-generation Koreans that provided their own take on special dishes. Smoke and Pickles is about a guy mixing his Southern (American) style with Korean flavors. All of the things he makes are super creative. Seoultown Kitchen is an assortment of “Korean pub food” that is great for entertaining. I’m excited because I think that will actually be a very functional cookbook!

8. Food for Thought: Defeating Racial Binary
A friend posted this article on Facebook and it was very thoughtful, and I liked it a lot.

Especially with things like bullying and objectification in the media, it’s something that goes unsaid too often. Here’s also a link to a preview of a documentary about hypersexualization of Asian women in media.



Have a great next week! It’s been a busy but fun one, and I’m so blessed to have spent my birthday with people I love!