The Sparkle Sisters

Catherine and I are super excited to announce that we are creating a blog called The Sparkle Sisters. It will be a fashion and DIY/crafts blog for all to enjoyyyy.

Get excited, because we are.


Friday Night!

My whole house is getting ready for a fraternity formal.

I am crafting for my littles and going on a date later. 🙂

What a tasteful commercial. I’m a fan. People always think that oil companies only do oil, but in reality, they are searching for ways for new energy sources just as much, and if not more than, the hippies that try not to leave a carbon footprint. Critiques of the amount of money put into the research (apparently decreasing in 2009) should be greeted with the fact that none of those alternatives are currently useful, and that the increased funding in oil and gas is absolutely necessary to upkeep the market. 

I am super excited for my future in the energy industry. There are so many opportunities now, and foreseen in the future. Everyone must only be patient. The right things will come through at the right time.