About Me

Who are you?
I’m Hillary. I’m a 20-something in the Tulsa area who strives to love Jesus and my husband Justin with everything that I have. My super interesting interests also include food, eating, travel, weddings, cooking and Facebook stalking (I’m good. Watch yourself. And those pictures from 2006. Yeah, I’ve seem ’em.). Also, I love cheese. Sigh. Food is my life.

What is this for?
This is simply a place for my thoughts. It started as a travel blog when studying in Korea in the summer of 2011, but I knew that I didn’t want it to end there. I’m not expecting this blog to be the one that makes me super famous, but just one that I hope someone will find what they need.

Why Laughs & Giraffes?
J came up with it! I hate trying to come up with catchy things like this. Giraffes are my favorite animal (reason unknown). I also know nothing about giraffes, besides the fact that I like them. I hope reading about my life brings you as much joy as it brings me. 🙂

What else do you do with your life?
That’s a good question. For now, these two things:



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