New Year’s Day 2k15 thoughts…

I haven’t really taken as much time to reflect on the year by myself as I have in the past. Maybe because I now have someone who works as a sounding board and we talk about things constantly.

But this has been a very good year! So many life changes. I’ve met so many new people, even since graduating, that have become a big part of my life. I’m thankful for the year I’ve had, and also can’t wait to make 2015 even better.

I’ll probably still be singing songs from 2006 next year, but some things don’t change.

Goals/Plans for 2015:

-I wrote about it on Sparkle Sisters…but I plan on replacing my work wardrobe gradually. Looking forward to that.

-MOVE. We just need a bigger kitchen. That’s really the one important thing!

-Eat healthier – we are doing a lot of home cooking, and I feed Justin healthy things, but I’m not as good at eating them myself.

-Jesus. Always need more Him.

I’ve been thinking about this all morning. I considered life optimization through the utilization of the things I already have. Mostly technology-wise, using apps and things to their greatest capacity. Like, contacts on my computer/phone hold all sorts of personal data. Saving addresses, where I meet people, email addresses, etc. My fitbit tracks sleep and I haven’t tried it yet. It seems kind of dumb now that I type it out, but if you properly used everything you use on a daily basis, you might be more productive or something.

Being married and young is fun. Exploring life together forever!

These are all my thoughts. haha


One thought on “New Year’s Day 2k15 thoughts…

  1. I love your thoughts. 🙂
    Also, being married and old is fun too. And its even more fun when all the people you mutually love most of all come home together. So you can look forward to that in maybe 2035-ish?


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