6 months post marriage…

Ta-da! We made it, and we are not yet with child, or pet.

Lots has happened, let’s see:

  • Work
  • My face problem came back with a vengeance
  • We bought the new Xbox
  • That’s pretty much it.

We spend a lot of time cooking over on SkinnyCookProblems, and we have a Dinner Club with two other couples that got married on each side of us in May. We talk about what we learned about marriage each week, and it helps us learn and grow with each other.

Justin also bought us a Christmas tree this weekend. And has already put it up. It’s just a baby one. But I like it. I’m normally so bah-humbug about Christmas before Thanksgiving, and I’m not sure why this year I’m like:

I even asked if we could listen to Christmas music while we baked pies today. And I keep having the urge to listen to Christmas music at work. Something is terribly wrong.

I am all in all doing pretty good with Christmas presents this year, so that’s also a pretty solid start.

Yipppeeeeeeeeee okay i don’t have anything else to talk about at the moment so byyeeee. 🙂