Monday Listicles: 10 Times I Just Knew…

Today is my first linkup at Northwest Mommy for Monday Listicles. Because today has been super rough, I’m hoping this will make me feel better!

1. When I walked into Tri Delta on the first day of Recruitment in 2010: I just knew this was the place I’d be calling home.

2. When I met Justin: I just knew he was The One! 🙂

3. When that one person never emailed you back, I just knew they’d be difficult to manage all semester.

4. When I went to my sister’s 6th grade orientation with her and my mom without makeup and college spirit wear: I knew they would ask if I was excited for middle school.

5. When I watched my computer fall to the ground: I just knew it was broken.

6. When I got home from a cruise over Christmas: I just knew I’d have over 100 emails.

7. When I walk into Petroleum Geology: I just know it is going to be a long evening of being hungry and playing phone games.

8. Any time Justin packs the car, I just know he is going to fit everything in the right place!

9. When I woke up today: I knew it wasn’t going to be a good one. A nap helped tremendously.

10. When I finished dinner tonight: I just knew I needed some dessert. Still do.


So, now I’m just hungry. And desperately need to shower and to do homework. There was no hot water yesterday when I got home, so I just knew I wasn’t taking a shower in the cold, no sir!

Wanna link up too?


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