Wedding Spotlight: Invitations

There has been an exceeding amount of drama surrounding these things, mostly because I’m crazy. But this is also a vendor shoutout to my awesome bonus bro Ryan for the design and execution and my other awesome bonus bro Ross for an awesome illustration!

We are hoping for an overall motif of the plus sign… “+”. Mostly because the ampersand (&) feels a bit overdone, and the + is also adorable…

I knew that I was hoping for something pretty unique to our personalities for the invites. Because as much as I adore letterpress and all things paper, we wanted to incorporate the fun and casual atmosphere of our wedding. For awhile, I had an idea of making invitations with personal handwriting. I talked to my bonus brother and he said it was totally doable! We had all of our parents (I have 4…) write out the text of the entire invitation and send pictures onto Ryan. He used magic Photoshop skillz to put together this sweet thing:

Hillary Wedding Invitation_FINAL
So that was awesome.

And they teamed up together when we were in town for Thanksgiving break to create our RSVP postcard. Ross took our photo outside, and sketched us up really quick! It’s so perfect, and I even used it as the “logo” on our return address stamp I got in ONE DAY from Staples. HIGHLY recommend!!


Here’s where the many mishaps came in…This is a run-down of the next events:

1. We had planned on inviting around 375 people, with an expected attendance at the most of 225ish. (Simply based on the people that “probably wouldn’t come.” This was around 215 invitations.

2. I ask Ryan to order 225 invitations. Then panic. Then think it’s okay. and then panic again.

3. We transfer the list to another spreadsheet and autosum…BOOM: 378 people. WHAT. Where did that extra 100 people come from…? Some subtotals didn’t get included I guess…This would happen to me.

4. The number of invitations was the same, but had now reached 228, which is 3 more than we ordered…

5. The envelopes (250) came in the mail.

6. The invitations came. We came, we addressed, we conquered.

7. Towards the bottom of the list, Justin noticed we still had a huge stack of invitations leftover. He counted them…we had about 175 extra RSVP cards and about 100 extra invitations.

All that stress for nothin’!

Anyways, an invitation surplus is definitely a good problem to have! How did you choose your invitations?



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