things have gotten a little heavy around here lately…

and I’ve noticed! My old posts were funny and I don’t even remember what being funny is like!

Just kidding. I’m always funny.

But really…let’s have more fun around here!

What’s fun?

School? Absolutely not.

Work? You’re kidding.

Weddings? YES! Eeeeeeeeverybody loves weddings. Weddings are fun!

“Not everybody likes onions. CAKE! Everybody loves cake. Cake has layers.”

Kathleen was here 2 weeks ago (It was so fun!) and she went with me to get fitted for the first time in my dress! The woman was like, “What size is this dress?!” Sorry in advance, lady. But the way she set it up to bustle it is gorgeous. And it will already be ready to pick up on March 14! I have tried also walking/strolling/sitting in my shoes. They’re alright. I just hope I don’t die. I stood in them at David’s Bridal for 45 minutes while I was being fitted, so that’s promising. I didn’t really want to change shoes, but they were only like $40, so I might just change into some stupid comfy shoes after the ceremony. Hey, I want to have fun too!

I guess things are starting to come together? I’m mostly just *too* relaxed about everything and am kind of at a loss of what I need to do. Planning the ceremony part will be next on the agenda I think.

I’ll give some updates and stuff to keep everyone informed…By everyone…my mom and Justin read this consistently. So it’s not much that they don’t already know!

Things to cover:
Centerpieces (the bane of my existence)
BM/GM Wear

I don’t know, what else is there to a wedding…?! I’ll try to update about one every few days.

What did you like about planning a wedding? At what point did you say, “I don’t even care, as long as I get married!?”



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