Jason DeRulo: Insensitive and Offensive?

There’s a song currently popular by Jason DeRulo, called Talk Dirty.

Inherently, this song is extremely sexual and inappropriate in general, so that didn’t really warrant this discussion.

Here’s the problem: It’s so catchy. and I love it. And it’s so racially insensitive. And objectifying. And stereotyping. What’s a KA girl who loves JR to do? I knew there was some certain backlash from this song, but I had to go looking for it.

My first exposure to this song was this dance video:

Because this dance is perfect.I was automatically put off by the whole Indian”-ish” sax solos in it, but the rest was so catchy, I’ve been choosing to look past it.

I honestly didn’t even come here to address the video itself, or the fact that the primary language spoken in the video is Spanish but the video is full of Asians, or the idea of international women objectification.

These people seemed to cover various topics regarding the video and other things:
AsAm News
The Singles Jukebox

But I really just came here to talk about the beginning and the end, where the song is bookended by a girl who can’t speak English. WHY have we not learned..from anyone? Ugh. The insensitivity regarding a girl saying, “I don’t understand!” in an accent is just..too much. I just couldn’t really handle it.
See my post about Pete Hoekstra. It’s from a couple years ago, when he used a woman who was clearly an Asian American to identify as a Chinese woman who couldn’t speak English addressing the fact that China was taking American jobs.

I just can’t handle when people agree to pose as inferior English-speakers for that very fact’s exploitation.

So. Now I don’t know what to do. Yes, I shouldn’t be supporting this song at all…

How do you feel about this song, either in general, or pertaining to the girl at the beginning and end? It is also on the track, not restricted to the video.



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