Best Two Out of Three

So. I have this theory.

I read this awhile ago over at Total Sorority Move.

Here’s the highlight: “I’ve maintained for many years that there are only three basic components to beauty: your hair, your face, and your body. Here’s a secret: guys can only see two of them. I know, I know, that sounds absolutely insane, but it’s true.”

Is it…?I’ve asked some boys about this. They tend to disagree, because they said the face is way too important.

But here’s the deal. I see this in my own routines. Not necessarily to impress boys (HA), but just in life. I will subconsciously do my makeup to counteract and distract from my hair being gross (eg TODAY). All in all, I realized I’m almost never 100% put together. It’s a cute outfit, or makeup done, so choose wisely. My hair, however…is a toss-up. Since I don’t do anything with it, it’s either clean or dirty. Not much else to be said there.

I’m voting a big YES on the premise of this “article.” Because while I was reading it, I was self-identifying without even knowing it!

What do you think about this idea? Are you a compensator, or do you look nice all the time…?



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