Thunder vs. Mavs

Hillary Commentary at the end of the 3rd:

Reggie is hurt 😦

Serge has been doing WORK tonight.

Steven Adams is still adorbz. He hasn’t put a lot of points up himself, (but 6 tonight so far!) but he’s definitely going to be rebound master of the year. He’s aggressive, but you just gotta love him. Carter got kicked out for elbowing Stevie in the face. Sucks to suck. But also, they needed to take him out. he’s been in for 13 minutes and didn’t get any points…

The Reddit game thread loves Stevie and so do I.

They saved Fisher til the 3rd, so that’s awesome. Still 0 points for all 3 minutes he was in.

Nicky missed both free throws… 😦

There is such an energy from having Westbrook back. His face after a big play gives it all away. His spirit brings up the whole team and fans in an unexplainable way. I love it.

Here’s the box score that you can access….SO MANY POINTS TONGHT, Y’ALL.

Also. I think I just made a Sports category for my blog posts…not sure how to feel.

My grandma is at this game tonight and I am so jelly.



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