i’m not dead yet

so that’s a plus.

two nights in a row, i stayed up super late studying in the dining room. last night, i was writing a paper for poli sci. Which. Obviously didn’t get done ahead of time. I finally nailed down my exact argument around midnight.

I stayed awake until 5am this morning. Got up at 8:30 to keep finishing…

It’s turned in at 3:30.

Didn’t fall asleep/not even tired in class when we watched a movie. Props to me.

went on a date with Justin and saw Ender’s Game! Didn’t fall asleep there either, so that’s awesome.

and now watching the thunder before not doing any homework before bed. because i can.

this evening has been great. i feel a headache coming on, so it’s about time for bed. these last 7 minutes of the game may be the happiest bedtime of my week before drifting off to a win.


sorry the formatting/grammar is weird on this one. sometimes I capitalise, sometimes…yeah no.



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