7QT15: Not…

Yeah welp.

I forgot.

So I’m not linking up, but here are…

7 things that I was doing instead of blogging:

1. Living by a psycho schedule.

2. Failing to live by said schedule.

3. Got “professionally developed” at a Professional Development Day for a scholarship program I’m in. This was actually very cool – we covered a new personality test that I’d never heard of – DiSC theory – and see how that influences our workplaces and how we operate in work communities. I love personality testing and think they’re fun, even if not always totally accurate. (Numerology, anyone? Weird crap but just fun to try).

4. Learned about German culture at Oktoberfest. It was an enlightening experience. So many hats that looked like chickens. They were actually adorable…

5. Ate sushi on Saturday morning. YOU’RE WELCOME, BODY. I’ve been craving some since forever.

6. Caught up with J, who had been gone all weekend.
YAAAAY I missed him so much!

7. Prepped letters and stuff for initiation. It’s I-Week and I’m so excited! I’m already afraid of getting emotional since it’s my last one…!



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