Thursday Test – I suck at experiments

Here I am. Yes. It’s Friday.

Thursday got off to an automatic bad start, and it just spiraled from there!

8: Put in laundry. TWO people were in line in front of me for laundry this morning. TWO PEOPLE. AT 8AM. ON A THURSDAY. What is happening to the world? Soooo, I didn’t do laundry…

8:10: Devotional. Yes, did this at least!

8:30: Meet with my mentee about her classes next semester. Yay for Caramel Apple Cider in the library this morning.

9:30: Fold Laundry: No laundry to fold, so I tried to go back to bed, but got up around 10. Not sure what I did here…

11-12: Class

12-2: eat, met Justin for a few minutes, cleaned my room

2-5: Lab! We kept switching rooms!

5-6: Dinner and memo response. Yes. But didn’t accomplish much by the way of the memo response.

6-7: XA dinner. I didn’t go tonight since I ate at the house. I continued to work on the memo and hung out in my room. I wish i had a better idea of what the heck I did yesterday.

7-8: I started watching the Thunder game that was ON TV and also happening in Tulsa. We lost. But in other news, the Heat and Lakers lost as well.

8:30: Flag game. Playoffs, baby! I miiight have had the game-ending sack. NBD.

9:30: watch a show and/or hang out with Justin. Tried to crank out more of my memo, hung out with some people in my room. Justin didn’t come over until 11ish, and we did my chemistry homework together then. Then we talked until super late (12:30!) and obviously I didn’t blog. I promise I got an ample amount of time in for social media for the day. Whoops.


This whole day was just rough. If I didn’t have anything planned, I just squandered my time and wanted to continue to put things off.

I went to bed memo unfinished, no shower (even after a flag game, I know, ew).