Wednesday Test – Good and Bad News

Back to normal formatting. Bold is what was supposed to happen. 🙂

8:00 – Wake up, check email, brush teeth, etc. My first alarm went off at 7:45…No way did I get up then.

8:10 – Devotional. Was really good today! Then I was supposed to do the rest of waking up things, like get dressed, etc. Instead, I got dressed as quickly as possible so I was finished by 8:30 and crawled back in bed until 8:45. Not mad about it at all.

9:00 – 11:00 – Class

11-12 – Clean roomNOPE. I tried to study for Strat instead, but was pretty sidetracked. Too many people to talk to!

12-1 – Organization meeting…yay pizza!

1-2 – Review for Strat – What a last minute ditch effort. I’m glad I did it, but at some point, it is what it is…

2-3:15 – Exam. I finished the exam in 20 minutes, which was awesome. For a lot of reasons. It means it could have been great or possibly horrible. I used this time to write a little blurb for poli sci, and so that was good. I talked to a lot of people about the test too. I talked to Ted about my weird class conflicts (Of course this WOULD happen to me as I’m trying to graduate, right?), and went to poli sci.

330-445 – Class. Got out early, around 4:30! Justin also texted me with the wonderful news of his AWESOME MCAT score that he got back!

5 – Mineralogy Lab finish – Yeah….not quite. I think I have to do it all tomorrow after class because I am not ready to do that part yet…At least…that’s what I’m telling myself. I used this time to clean my room, and also…this happened:
IMG_0772Yeah, I hate myself. It wasn’t resting on something steady enough on my desk I guess. I closed it and then it slid off onto the ground. I opened it and found it. I almost died inside. There are cracks all the way around, in a huge circle. And then one side (pictured) looks like it’s been hit with a hammer. You know how much that’s supposed to cost? Upwards of $700 from Apple…..what the heck, Apple…
This is why I can’t have nice things. Ever.

6 – Dinner with Phil – Tonight my grandma’s cousin took me to dinner! We normally go with Connor too, but…he was busy. We went to Mary’s, an Italian restaurant that I’ve apparently been going to for a really long time (even when I was little!) It was delicious, and helped take my mind off of the horror that happened a few moments before walking out the door.

7-8 – Memo Response – Nope…J came over and we talked and beat two levels of Plague…! He stayed til about 9. I also called my dad to ask if I he thought AppleCare would cover this…The answer is no…

8-9 – Free...used with J!

9-10 – Justin time. 🙂 I got to have this early!

Current time: 10:59. I’ve been sitting in my room on my computer, looking for repair places in the area and pricing screen repairs online…SIGH.

So…Long story short, I didn’t do homework again today. But nothing too pressing. Tomorrow I’m going to do laundry and go to coffee with some people so that will be good!

Now I’m going to just lay here…and just forget the world
and play Plague.




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