Tuesday Test – Failure

Sorry the format is totally different…I am just tired. Justin wanted a personalized “what I did today” since I didn’t have time to tell him. So.

Dear Justin:

8AM: I did actually wake up on time, and I did not succumb to the desire to go back to bed. So please be proud of that. I did my devotional, studied strat management and began brainstorming my memo response.

11: Class

12: Lunch and clean room – I wish my room had gotten more clean, but I have at least moved all the clothes that need to be washed into the hamper…

1-5: Work. I did a lot of work today, but I also did not follow my social media rule while I was there. So that was a failure. But I found some really great, funny, things online today. So. I’d say my life was enhanced for sure. Especially that goldfish article. That is my ACTUAL life.

5: Eat. also, Rachel and I got our second Birchboxes today and it was fun to open it!!!

6-730: read Poli Sci became more like 630-730.

730-930: Study Strat was kind of that, but didn’t get a whole lot done. because the preseason Thunder game in OKC was on, and they played the Nuggets, and how could i not watch it, even though I had to watch it illegally on FirstRow, and so yeah I was determined, but we won so it was great and la la la la la.

10: Justin came over about 9:20 and hung out and helped me with chem homework.

Pledges came to sing to us (best ever) around 1040, and now i’m here. It’s 11:40, I feel kind of under the weather and I’m late getting to bed! EEK!

TIME: 11:39PM

Evaluation: It’s only day 2 and I CAN’T HOLD MYSELF TOGETHER.

I should have studied more for strat but i just can’t. I’m out.



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