Monday Test – Relaxed…Too Relaxed


800 – Wake up, check email, brush teeth, etc.
COMPLETE, plus I got dressed.

810 – Devotional
Since I got dressed, this actually started about 815.

830 – dressed + breakfast(?)
Already dressed and who needs breakfast? I went to bed after I finished my devotional and slept until 845. Probably not the best life choice for the day, but…it sort of set the tone for the day.

9-11 – classes…
Not getting on my phone during chemistry was a tough battle. But I powered through, so be proud. We got out of English 5 minutes early, so I had time to run in the house and change shoes (I was wearing sandals and it was so. wet.).

11 – Campus tour
We got to give a bus tour today due to the rain. That was quite the new experience. But it went well, and met some new friends.

12 – Lunch with the prospies
I randomly started crying during the panel today, around the part of “Why did you come to TU?” It was super involuntary, but then I couldn’t stop…Sarah cried at the end of our football game last night because it was her last one. I couldn’t deal with her…now I AM her…

1 – Finish reading and do homework for Poli Sci.
Did it! I also made my phone lock screen the Thunder schedule. It’s casual.

2 – Class
We did review for the exam, and got out at 2:45 instead of 3:15…So i just chatted with people and looked up my course schedule for next semester. I found out two of my classes are at the same time, so that’s cool.

330 – Poli Sci
I was prepared and everything. 🙂

5 – Philanthropy dinner for Theta
Dinner only took a half hour! And I got to watch some sisters perform some songs which were awesome! After dinner, Emma and I set up a time for J and I to take pictures together!!!

6 – Justin time.
He picked me up and we went to an event in the apartment complex at 630. It was a “make desserts in a mug in the microwave” event. It was a fun and delicious surprise. 🙂 We then hung out until around 8:15.

7-10 – No plans
I should have planned something. Like studying for Strat. Or anything. Instead, I hung out with Haley for two hours, essentially. She has email subscribed to my blogs. So, hi baby! 🙂

10-1030 – Write letters for J
Every year during Initiation week, we can’t talk to boys. so J and I write letters to each other. It’s adorable, and I even looked at some of them today. 🙂 So I am getting a bit of a head start on those!

1035 – Blog/social media timeHere I am. But I also had to have mood music while I was blogging. So here’s these:

All in all, I really should have done something useful today, but I just…didn’t want too. Whooooops. Interesting life choices today, for sure. Not nearly as busy as I expected, and I am very pleased that I was prepared for Poli Sci, which is the typical concern.




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