Thursday #1 – Control

What a DAY Thursday was. Sorry I’m so behind…

At 10:30, I pull my life together and get my car to fill up at the gas station. I go to class, we chat for 30 minutes about where we’re headed…

Right past Miami (pronounced Miam-uh), before Joplin, this happens to my car:
IMG_0665So that’s awesome. Even the side light blew out from the force. And you know how Justin replaced my tire a couple weeks ago because it had a screw in it? Well. That was my option for a spare. I completely derailed the entire field trip. My professor stopped and luckily he had a member in his car that is a journeyman or something (he knows his stuff). I then rode in the car with my flat spare tire with my professor and the man named John. We ride nearly to Joplin (the first/only exit), and repair and air up the tire. Then we borrow a wooden block from a truck tire service to be able to prop up my professor’s baby sized jack for my big car. We had to turn around out at Miami to get back on my side of the road. It was a long detour. We kept making jokes about running across the freeway. My professor was nor amused.

Anyway, we finally got to the museum, but not before I returned the wooden block to the gas station. There, we saw lots of rocks:
IMG_0668Yeah. There was a lot of galena, sphalerite and chalcopyrite in the area, so there were some pretty cool samples of that. Makale is a little bit obsessed with galena. But…Aren’t we all? Look how cool:


After the museum, we got to take hammers to a bunch of chert piles off of a side road. I found a few super cool calcite crystals.
Then we drove through Galena, KS and Picher, OK. We had officially covered the “tri-state” mining area, and been to three states. I’d even been to Missouri twice, thanks to my tire. I got home around 7, and changed clothes (thank goodness).

We went to DG Lip Sync, where we were very clearly the greatest group 🙂 (got second though, darn!). Then Justin and I went to celebrate our friend Riley’s 22nd birthday!


Riley and I

We had a good time and then I was ready to go to bed! Justin helped me with my chemistry homework before he walked me back home.

Bedtime: 2:30am



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