Saturday #1: Control

I had planned on sleeping until I woke up, honestly. (ie no alarm)

Rachel wakes up yelling at 4:15. There’s water pouring all over her bed/head from the rain. She sleeps outside for a couple hours.

I wake up and lay in bed for awhile. I try to find a place to take my car in.

I took my car into Firestone at 11:30. They recommended at least 2 new tires, so I just told them to do them all. I went across to the mall while I was waiting (a long time!). I bought a pretzel and studied strat management for an hour and a half, wrote out my rigid life schedules for next week, and went shopping for a little bit. I bought two pairs of jeans (that one store-that-I’m-embarrassed-to-say-I-still-shop-at-because-I’m-22-years-old-but-it’s-the-only-place-I-can-wear-jeans was having a sale.) and a sweater (from somewhere slightly less embarrassing).

IMG_0712At 2 ish, Justin came and we had a late lunch together and then my car was (finally!) ready. It’s so shiny. I need to give it a car wash. Poor thing deserves it. I now have 4 new tires! And they’re aligned and I also needed an oil change. Yippeeeee!

We went back to his apartment and I studied more strat for awhile, but then got sleepy. We both ended up falling asleep (he was on the floor!) for about an hour at least… For new member retreat, they all dressed up like “tacky tourists”, which a lot of people took to mean “like a dad.” It was so funny. I borrowed Justin’s cargo shorts, and the fact that they were too big just made it even better. I made easymac when I got back to the house!

Then we went and “crashed” the new member retreat at 9 in our outfits. Maggie and I had fun running around playing tourist around the house…It’s embarrassing. But here’s my cute little touristy family:


and here’s my outfit in all its glory + my roomie:


We made a Sonic run on our way home, I showered, got in bed and wrote these past three posts. Whoooops.

Tomorrow morning is an early one, an 8:30 to start getting ready for next week, and continuing to study for strat. YAY.

Peace, yo.

Current time: 1:42AM

Expected asleep time: 1:57AM



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