Friday #1: Control

840: I wake up…Decide to not go to class.
10: this class was cancelled, just needed to turn something in by midnight tonight.

12: Get out of bed…finally. The maintenance people stop by and look at the roof, from where it had rained recently on Rachel’s head.

1-5: Work! I even got there early so I picked lunch up at a deli downtown that a friend and I went to this summer. I get this text message while I’m there, which was pretty weird…but okay:

5:15: i pick up a book from Emily’s apartment and remember all of the sudden that I have my pre-teen group tonight! So i race down to the office and I’m only 3 minutes late. Whew.

5:30-8: This group is so interesting and I can’t wait to learn more about these kids and their lives. It is so fun to see them and try and remember back to when I was 9 as well and how I felt about my adoption and identity. There will be a couple interesting stories for sure, and we have all types of kids: quiet, loud, timid, forceful. Should be an interesting time…!

8: I swing by Nate’s apartment to pick up my “surprise.” It was a box of paper pads from Chevron (that I adore). He said they got left in a building after a recruiitnig event and he knew I would like them. What a thoughtful friend. And now I have Chevron paper to last me for dayzzzz.

8:30-forever: Studying with Justin. I wrote my paper that was due at midnight! I’m having a hard time remembering what I did after that until 1:30am, but I was awake. Probably playing Plague. My life.

Bedtime: 1:30



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