This is just a random assortment, kind of like Jen’s at Conversion Diary! No theme today, except my crazy life.

1. I have eaten an unhealthy amount of EasyMac lately. Make it stop!

2. Tonight for dinner, I voluntarily had a salad of spinach and strawberries. That’s weird.

3. What does the fox say? Came on my iTunes Radio while studying. I’d be lying if I said I skipped it immediately…

4. All social media apps are deleted off of my phone right now, a la recruitment. It’s so hard. See this post…that is my life. At least now preseason basketball and football keeps me informed on ScoreCenter now.

5. I checked my Facebook quickly on my computer when I got home from the game. 19 notifications. It was so hard to wait to read them….! I have a problem.

6. New music for the week: CHVRCHES and Lorde

7. It’s 11:17 and I made it through day 1 of my Social Experiment. Read about it here!



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