Wednesday #1: Control

I didn’t keep track of school very well today… We’ll see how this goes. It was a pretty low key day.

Rachel woke up at 6:45…so I did also. Then I woke up around 8, but didn’t want to get out of bed to get ready for class, so…I didn’t. I got out of bed at 8:40 for my 9 am. OH the luxury of being so close…

In chemistry, we conveniently learned about the things that were on our homework last night that I had already taught myself (read: Justin taught me), so…I played Angry Birds mostly.

We got out of class 5 minutes early, but I didn’t have much to do for it, so I went ahead and showed up to English. In English we watched presentations. We got out early from that class as well…

I ate lunch with whoever was in the dining room at 11, and then played around with my life until my organization meeting at noon. I got a PACKAGE IN THE MAIL! of stuff that I ordered for my little GG baby’s initiation…Plus I also bought a tervis mug for myself and it’s AWESOME. I also bought this game called Plague, Inc. It is a game where you are a bacterial pathogen that infects the whole world and eventually kills everyone (if you win). Sounds morbid, but it’s a fascinating concept because of transit hubs and economic development in various areas of the world and you can see how those things affect vulnerability. One of the Global News events is “US Government is partially shut down due to budget issues.” I chuckle every time it comes up. So. Unfortunately, I purchased that…

We had the meeting, and then I played one round of Plague before trying to study. Then Chad and Dustin came to sit by me so I really did nothing…

Strat Man was interesting today, because I was trying to study, but also wanting to participate, and also wanting to play Plague (I didn’t, though. It involves too much watching). We finished up there at 3, and I chatted with Dr. Senese and Chad for a few minutes before heading over to my death (exam).

That poli sci exam was something rough. I didn’t feel ill prepared, but essay tests where I need to recall lists of information just never work out for me very well. If you read my essay, you might think, “Wooow, you wrote this and didn’t even read the book, did you?”

I came home, had dinner while catching up with Alex. Then I met Justin at the BCM where we played pool until he went to dinner with Chris. I stayed on the couch at the BCM while they were gone and just played my game in silence. It was wonderful to just…sit. They came back and they went through a couple chapters in Acts. I listened. 🙂 Then J and I played more pool, went on a walk and took an unsuccessful trip to the gas station.

Note to self/world: To purchase gas, you must bring some form of payment.

I forgot my wallet. No gas for me. I’ll have to get some in the morning.

Then I came back to the house, showered, and have been laying in bed playing this stupid game since 10:30. Two hours later, I’ve been procrastinating writing this post because I’ve just been playing. This is so bad. It’s going to need to be deleted for next week, probably.

I’m not planning on going to bed quite yet, but the time is 12:31. I plan on finishing my game and social media-ing a bit…



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