Tuesday #1: Control

8:20 – I wake up, and find out my interview isn’t at 9:30, but is at 10:15. I go back to bed.

9:20 – I run around getting ready and go to my interview.

10:45 – Get out of the interview, chat with John who was recruiting there for Oxy today, hustle to class. I am conveniently 4 minutes early, even after talking to Angelina and Carolyn in the lobby of Kep.

11:00 – In class we discuss ionic radii and atomic bonding. In reality, I spaced out a little and replied to a message about a meeting and voted for one of these awards at Innovating Justice. We also discussed skipping class Thursday and driving to Joplin for a field trip. So that’s exciting!

12:00 – I cruise through ACAC, say hi to a couple people, and catch Courtney on the way to eat lunch at the house. I eat pretzel chips and hummus for lunch (yum) and also Instagram one of the adorable pictures of my sister for her birthday. I changed skirts (That was dumb) and shoes, and try to head out to work. The wifi was being sketchy so I couldn’t mobile deposit a check I was trying to do before I left. Also quickly read through my Jesus Calling devotional for today – it was about His unconditional love! Wish I had time to read the corresponding verses.

1:00 – Arrive at work, grab a diet coke, check work email, regular email, write about this morning until the current time. Set up a time to meet with one of my mentees for next week, sent out a reminder email about a meeting tomorrow, booked a trip to Houston. Do work until 5!

5:15 – Get home, eat dinner, check Insta. Chat with Derek for a few minutes to see if we can set something up to see them this weekend. Announce that I need chocolate…I pack my backpack to study after, and Alyssa and I go to Braum’s.

6:30ish – Get to the library to study, and see Caroline and Jake. I sit down and try to study but…studying in the computer lab is hard because people talk. I check facebook, email and try to start studying when I decide to catch up on the evening on here instead. Time is 7:44. Back to work.

8:30 – Flag football practice! The ball was really slick today…Slash I didn’t catch nearly anything today. I’m over it…

9:30 – We watched the freshmen rehearsal for their lip sync event on Thursday, I replied to some emails, and Justin came over to study at 10:30. We didn’t really do a lot of studying, because I mostly complained for the first part. He went through my notecards with me for about a half hour. When he went home about 11:30, I made EasyMac (also made some last night around this time)…Life. Then instead of studying after that break, I ended up watching all of these:

And an old favorite:

Among others. Sigh.

In bed, not too much studying accomplished: Time: 1:09 am.



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