Monday #1: Control

I figured that this week would actually be a great week for this experiment, but I’m clearly not prepared for it. So, here’s a really creepy minute-by-minute view of my week so that you can more clearly see the differences between how I normally function and next week.

7:20 – Alarm goes off, accidentally fall asleep again.

8:10 – Get out of bed. Get dressed (at least I knew what I was going to wear) and packed my backpack. I did a dry run of my presentation that I had to give at 10am…It was 6m35. And it needed to be under 5. I walked to class with the stopwatch app open, saying it under my breath.

9:00 – Chemistry is rough. Today we learned things that still won’t assist us on our homework for Wednesday (I know because I already did it, thanks to Justin). I mostly practiced my speech in my head.

10:00 – I walked to class and practiced, but at this point…oh well. I watched the other presentations, feeling that everyone was more prepared than me. I gave mine, we were released on time.

11:00 – I didn’t have to give a tour today, so after I checked in, I went to the BCM for lunch. I ate there, and also attempted to read this book for my political science class that I didn’t read. I realized they wanted me to read over half the book this weekend. Which I clearly didn’t do. For about 20 minutes of this time, I went into the study and read by myself without distraction. I should have done that to begin with.

2:00 – In Strategic Management, I typically read for my political science class and write up a few sentences to comprise my homework for the reading. Today we discussed different companies at varying points on the business life cycle. And I also checked Facebook, Twitter, and got three stars on one level of Angry Birds: Star Wars II.

3:00 – We got out of class early, so I went to the Dean’s office to chat for a minute, and then went to the computer lab to write the first half of this post before class. Maggie asks me if I have time to do an interview about study abroad for her research class.

3:30 – Political science was a summary today, encompassing everything in this book (because obviously it should have been finished by today.). I used my last piece of Chevron paper (sigh). Ashley asked me about the time for our football game this week and we chatted about that for a minute. We got out of class early!

4:30 – After class, I checked my email on my phone on the walk home, and read up on the curriculum for a pre-teen group I will be helping facilitate this upcoming Friday. Then I wrote this post for 15 minutes and caught up my day. Then I put on some jamz, and got dressed for an information session/dinner for a company I attended tonight downtown. My roommate came home while I was getting ready, so we caught up from the day. I read a quick devotional and looked up directions to the dinner before I shuffled out the door to meet Michael to go downtown, to the tune of my pump up jam (Warning, Explicit):

5:30 – I met up with Reid and Michael and we went to the info session downtown. We had a pretty good dinner, and didn’t get home until 8.

8:00 – Changed clothes, and met with Maggie for the interview, and we also chatted about other things…I was supposed to meet J at around 8:30 to study with him. Sorreeeeee!

10:30 – J takes me into the bio building where he is studying with some other people. I start in on some notecards for poli sci. Justin goes home about 11:15, I stay until midnight with Alexa, with a mixture of doing work and facebook creeping.

12:15 am – I’m home, I made Easy Mac and sat with my dot in the dining room. I ate and kind of worked on notecards, while she worked on a paper. I submitted my contribution to facebook for my sister’s birthday around 1 am (midnight her time).

1:30 – We give up on studying, but then I must catch up on the rest of my day blogging which brings me to right now. My alarm is set for 8:20 tomorrow. It will come early.

The time is 1:44 am.



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