Social Experiment Pilot: College Life

Is it possible to get a regular night’s sleep, yet still get everything both necessary and fun into a week’s work?


This image has been seen a lot on the internet, and I’ve got to say, it’s not far off.

Here are a list of elements included in a typical college student life:

  • Class (12-18h)
  • Homework
  • Sporting Event (playing or attending)
  • Once a week show on TV
  • Organization meetings
  • Call home
  • Blog/journal
  • Work a job
  • Go to the gym

Next week, (not this week, yikes) I am going to attempt to install some basic strict sleep parameters and allot time for each required activity in my life and see if it is possible to accomplish all the things I need to get done for the week while still participating in social events (possibly required) or organizational gatherings. You’ll also get to take a peek into my life and see what I do on a weekly basis.

Things in my life that will be altered:

  • Participating in 15 hours of undivided attention class time (no phone/computer. hard to do.)
  • Once-a-day social media checking
  • Leaving time to blog about the day
  • Planning out homework time to end on time
  • Scheduling time before bedtime to see Justin

So. We’ll see how this goes. But like I said, this won’t be happening til next week because this week is already getting off to a rough start. (I have a 5 minute presentation in English tomorrow and have done none of the preparation for it. And I have loads to read for Poli Sci, which I also, clearly, have not completed.) My life is a joke. This would actually be a very interesting week to do it, if only I would have been ready for it before today. This week will be dedicated to scheduling every second of every day next week. Yippeeeee.



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