7QT13: The Government Shutdown

I am putting out 7QT early/late this week, since I didn’t do any this weekend!

7 Things that Still Happen Despite the Government Shutting Down:
  1. Class. I know. We were all rooting for ya…
  2. Exams. I really didn’t have time to worry about the shut down last night while I was studying for my mondo Mineralogy exam. It’s over now. Thank heavens.
  3. QuikTrip runs. I am pleased to report that my QuikTrip is still open. And nobody has ransacked it (i.e. The Purge). Yet. So that’s a plus.
  4. Taxes. Nothing’s certain but Death and Taxes, right? Even though the government is shut down, I’m pretty sure we’re stilll going to have to turn in our extended taxes (due October 15). We pay taxes because the government does things for us though, right? And now…they’re not?
  5. Breaking Bad is still over. Sorry, world. And I still have not watched past Episode 1 of Season 3.
  6. The Internet. Thanks Al Gore, for doing us a solid there and keeping us connected!
  7. Life. So we better get used to it!


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