7QT 12: iOS7

You guys, I was living in fear. Fear of updating my phone and having something go horribly wrong. But I bit the bullet and did it just now. Although I’ve already looked up how to do a few things, I like it a lot and wanted to share these tips and cool new functions with you. And check out Jen’s week at Conversion Diary!

1. Find My iPhone
Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 2.33.46 PM
Well. This came a few months too late. This would have been great help when my phone was stolen in Malaga…

2. Closing Apps
I am a constant OCD’er about my apps being open and running in the background. Now, double clicking on your Home button will pull them all up in screenshots. Swipe them up to clear them off your dash!

3. Hiding Newsstand
Well. This is one of those things I never used and thought it was stupid that I couldn’t hide. Now I can, yay! I hide all the apps that I don’t use often in a group called “Utilities.” On a previous iPhone (RIP MALAGA), it was titled “Useless,” but I’ve apparently gotten more mature in the past couple months.

4. Making Apps Obsolete
So long, Pandora, Instagram and Flashlight. Although I have not yet used it, I’ve heard iTunes Radio has got 10 skips available, and the ability to buy the song straightaway from iTunes. Photos now allow you to take panoramas, or even perfectly square photos, with filters available for before or after the photo is taken. And no more flashlight app needed…but I didn’t have one of those before.

5. It’s pretty.
If you haven’t seen it yet..it is. It’s modern and sleek, and probably a little borderline girly, but people like it, so, hey.

6. Angry Birds Star Wars II
This isn’t necessarily just an update thing, but I got notified of this the other day and I just downloaded it. I might be doing homework really late tonight…

7. I successfully synced everything!
There was enough space to download it in the first place, and it didn’t expel every contact I’ve had since the 7th grade. So, that’s awesome. Make sure it’s backed up on iCloud or your computer before you start. Now that everything’s new…does this mean I need to do a little bit of housecleaning and deal with some old contacts? Possibly…Maybe for another free weekend (never)!

Thanks to these articles for helping me out so far, and this one for a good laugh!



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