7QT:10 Something New

This week, my topics are about new things! Link up with Jen from Conversion Diary to see what she’s up to as well!

1. Passport
Well, after all that, I have a new, official passport for traveling purposes once again. I submitted it late, and just prayed they would send me one instead of laughing in my face…

2. GG baby!
This week was Mom/Dot Revelation for our house! One of my gbabies (grand little?), Maggie, became a mom (big) to our newest member, Allie! Welcome to the family!

3. New shirts!
I got a new shirt at both the men’s soccer game and the football game! I also received my study abroad returnee shirt. The cool part about those shirts are that they say “The University of Tulsa” in whatever language is the native language of the country you went to. Welp. I went to an English country… buzzkill. But they at least put it in an Old English font… I think I need more TU shirts like I need a hole in my head, but I’ll take it if you’re giving them out…

4. Cover Letter
We have to write a cover letter from scratch for my English class. So. That’s new. I’m finishing it up tonight.

5. Tour Route
We have instated two new tour routes for campus tours. I will be giving housing and dining tours, starting tomorrow! The new all-campus tour takes students to the newer area of campus (the engineering buildings). It will be great for them to be able to see all of that!

6. New Songs
This has been the song of the week…Too catchy, y’all.

But this video makes zero sense.

And then, of course, there’s this:

7. Photo Album
I started the beginning of the end of my college photo albums on facebook last night.

Fall 2013, here we come.



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