7QT:9 First Week of School

It’s the first week of school. I am already stressed and overwhelmed, but also having loads of fun. Check out what Jen is up to at Conversion Diary this week too!

Things I’ve already learned:

1. Freshmen still don’t know how to walk around.

Look, I know you’re 18 years old, but I thought you would have the common sense to not run full speed at doors with people flooding out of them. Since you didn’t, you collided with me. On the first day of school. Senior year is starting off great.

2. Chemistry is going to be a struggle.

I already forgot to turn in my second online homework assignment (whoops) so I had to do the Adaptive Follow-Up version because of my low score (0%) on the other. Ha. Also, I took the diagnostic test, which was a bunch of algebra and logs. You were supposed to get a 12/18, I got an 11. If I fail the first test (oh please, no) I will be suggested for remedial Introduction to Chemistry I. Yikes. Sorry I just haven’t taken math or chemistry in six (!) years. Luckily I have J to help me, but sometimes I just feel really not smart. I had a dream last night I got a 37 on my test.


Confession: I am not really a book buyer. Because I don’t read them. But when I do, I never read them. I had to buy books for all of my classes this year (WHAT) and I actually have to read them (DOUBLE WHAT). My poli sci class has 2-3 articles to read before every class. Which I didn’t think would be a big deal except for 1. our print quota and 2. they’re all 15-30 pages long.

4. Even a small amount of working might be difficult.

I am signed up to work Tuesday and Friday afternoons at the office. I only have one class Tuesday, but I have 4 on Monday and Wednesday. For things due on Wednesday, I won’t have time to do them, essentially, before they’re due. I’m going to have to start getting up early and going to bed late to be able to get it all in. Also, my chemistry homework doesn’t load at work anyway, so…there’s that.

5. I am OLD.

People are turning 21 that I still think are 19. I will be 22 in 13 days. My Gbaby just got her dot match and so I am going to be a GG (great grandma). There are a ton of people in my major, classes and hallways that I don’t know. At the activities fair, there were three tour guides manning the University Ambassadors table. I knew none of them. My roommate is graduating in December. Just…WHAT.

6. When you’re a senior, it’s not syllabus week.

It’s more like syllabus-first-five-minutes. I had articles to read before the first day of class. Rough.

7. I am going to be leaning into Jesus more than ever before.

Not only will this semester be busy and challenging, but, why shouldn’t I? It’s the best way to live.



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