7QT:8 Sisterhood

Linking up with Jen from Conversion Diary this week, I will be touching on a few things that being in a sisterhood has meant for me. I am primarily using this as an exercise because I have to come up with a really touching, pretty sounding one for Recruitment on Day 3… Senior problems!

1. Tri Delta is…a group of women that push me to be a better person every day.

2. Tri Delta is…finding a home away from home that I never expected.

3. Tri Delta is…being comforted by sisters with cookies on your hardest day.

4. Tri Delta is…studying all night long together so we didn’t fail statistics (and stat II. and operations management. Statistics are not Anna and I’s strong point.).

5. Tri Delta is…leaving my legacy with those that prepare to leave legacies of their own.

6. Tri Delta is…late night talks about anything and everything.

7. Tri Delta is…encouragement when I feel like I can’t keep going.

I would be more wordsmithy with these but my brain is dead and parties start TOMORROW!!!!


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