Revamping the Timetable…Again

Today, my mom, grandma, J and I went by our wedding venue to have a look at it! But we found out: it’s hot! and it’s in direct sunlight, so I squint really bad!

I don’t want to have to squint looking at J! So we started tossing around ideas about different times, because mama is concerned about the timing of getting in to decorate and jazz. I’m pretty low maintenance, I could see myself being the head organizer of the decorating madness in the morning, even though I shouldn’t be, and probably won’t be allowed to be!

Originally this affair was set for evening, but then we thought that a nice little surprise that would be really “us” would have to take place during the afternoon. (Not telling) And at afternoon weddings, you don’t have to feed them lunch OR dinner! It’s ideal, right?

Yes. Except for the squinting. It was so bright when we went over there!

So now our ideas: Brunch? or a bit later in the afternoon (about 3?).

Have you ever been to a brunch wedding? What kind of food did they have? J baby loves donuts, so he might like this idea?

Do you think that 3-7pm is an awkward time to have a wedding?




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