7QT: Things I didn’t know about wedding planning

Here are my tips that I’ve been mulling over for awhile, linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary!These are things I didn’t really think about having to do, until I realized we had to do them…


1. Saying “No” to a vendor:
Yes, I chatted with what felt like an infinite number of photographers and caterers (Catering is hard, you guys. That still is not done). But now that I picked one, I had to tell some others that were a. being led on or b. leading themselves on (ugh), that we did not select them as our photographer. It just feels so…weird. I wish I could just choose everyone. Making a price inquiry and finding out they are $1000 over your max max max budget just really isn’t going to work out, you know?

2. Storing your dress:
Welp. I didn’t know this was a thing. I guess I did order it really early, but whatever! It came in two weeks ago, and the store called, saying I needed to pick it up within 10 days…but seriously, or what? Are you going to send it back? It was in Oklahoma City, and I was down there for other reasons last week so I picked it up. But now…it’s just sitting at my grandma’s house…waiting until January to get altered? That seems silly. I don’t know what I expected, but I think I assumed they would hold it there until your alterations/fittings/etc. until you walked out with it the week before. But nope!

3. Shoe practice:
My shoes are huge, y’all. They’re these puppies:

And these are their stats: ¾” platform, 4¾” covered heel
So. Tall. Cat and Justin’s advice: If you practice an hour a day until then, you’ll be used to them. I was also told that since they are perfect I am not allowed to get different ones. Hahaha, so there’s that.

4. Where do I live?:
So, our wedding is promptly two weeks after our graduation. Which means I don’t have anywhere to live from move-out until our wedding! We will have to start looking for somewhere to live earlier in the semester to start storing stuff and moving in, mostly just so I have somewhere to sleep for a few weeks!

5. When do we eat on our wedding day?:
J was helping with this list and this was concerning to him. 🙂 I hope we have time to take a breather that day, although I’m sure it will be crazy! At the very least, we’ll get a half slice of cake!

6. DIY Aftermath:
If I collect enough vases for 30 tables…what do I do with all of it afterwards?? So many vases in my future.

7. Anything not directly related to me:
That sounds super self-centered, but hear me out. Being obsessed with weddings doesn’t necessarily make an expert on all of the things that don’t get thought about by the bride very often. Like: Duties of the groomsmen? The traditional costs that everyone covers? Justin’s mama has asked me what I want her to wear. And I was like, uh……whatever you want? I didn’t know that kind of stuff was under my jurisdiction. As long as nobody shows up wearing the same thing as me or each other, everything is gonna be just fine!

What are some other things that you didn’t think about having to deal with while planning a wedding or other event?


2 thoughts on “7QT: Things I didn’t know about wedding planning

  1. Hmmm, good question on the vases? As for the food, can you have a “doggie bag” put aside for you all so you’ll have something to eat later in case you don’t get a chance during the actual reception? I remember having to go through a drive thru on our wedding night.


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