7QT: Things I am grateful for

Linking up with Jen this week from Conversion Diary, as per! I know it’s not Thanksgiving, but there’s always time to be thankful. Here are my 7 for the week:

Job: Today was my last day of my “summer” internship, but I will be continuing work throughout the semester with my work. They also made it rather clear that they anticipate me coming back post-graduation, which means thank you, Jesus, I do not have anything to worry about for the next year.

Laughter: Tonight, J and my cousin Connor came over for dinner. After dinner, we watched Accepted, which is one of my all-time favorite movies. It makes no sense, is super silly and super low budget. I made this reference

during dinner and Connor didn’t understand. And Emily was watching it somewhere else in the world tonight, coincidentally. So I made him watch it. All of my good friends have…
UNSTABLE ERRRRRBS! I hope he got a good laugh because I love this movie.

IMG_0067My dearest one. He is so wonderful in so many ways! But today especially he came over and helped give my house a deep clean, which resulted in him chipping away at calcified hair in the shower drain. He’s such a stud! We also started a reading plan together, which is wonderful. He motivates and encourages me every day to seek after Jesus with all of my heart. He’s the bomb.

A new baby!!!: My brother and his wife delivered their baby (after 41 looong weeks) today! After all that, he’s a brand new daddy and everyone is so excited. 🙂 Yay I’m Auntie Hillary now! Also: just….babies in general make me grateful. Like this one:


Safety: I went on a business trip (fancy, I know…) to the Texas panhandle (not so fancy now…) this past week. Even though they gave us a crossover vehicle instead of an SUV and we maaaaybe returned the car in worse shape than we got it, and luckily none of the landowners carried guns or felt the need to point them at us, and the emergency exit doors on the way home looked like they had been used and reattached, I’m grateful that we all ended up back at home in one piece.

God’s love: Was overwhelmed by my devotional post today at SheReadsTruth. Accepting His love, even though I am so undeserving and His administration of grace is all just astounding that either is possible.

Sleep: Yep, I’m out.



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