7QT:4 – My Week

Well, I missed last week because I went out of town. For my 7QT this week, I’m going to tell you about each of my past 7 days:

1. (Friday)
I drove down to Dallas to visit my best friend Catherine! My sorority sisters Kathleen and Rachel went to dinner with us, and then we went out with her coworkers that night, and I made some new friends.

2. (Saturday)
Kath and Rachel met up with Catherine and I to shop for the morning…we didn’t buy anything though. Then Cat went to work for the evening and the three of us went shopping again and bought ice cream (great life choice!). Then we all went to Reid’s house for dinner in his super awesome apartment. But not without a mishap of parking in the wrong lot…After Cat got off work, her, Reid and I went back to Reid’s and played Jeopardy online a little bit, and chatted.

3. (Sunday)
Catherine and I wake up super late and lounge around until she went to church at 4:30. I took that opportunity to visit the grocery store and try to locate a specific beer for Matthew. Then we went to dinner with Reid (who had gone skydiving that day, whaaat), before I headed out of town. Catherine went into work after that out of the goodness of her heart. My heart would not have been that good, let me tell you. I found out my grandfather passed away today, so I made plans to go directly to Oklahoma City. I arrived around 12:30am.

4. (Monday)
We are busy making plans all day today. And answering the phone. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through that process, it’s how to be very clear about what you want. I found myself being much more assertive than usual because it was on behalf of someone else. I need to learn to be like that more. Also, funerals are nearly identical to weddings except for the situation. Instead of a long amount of time, you have only a few days to plan: clothing, flowers, venue(s), approving programs, writing announcements, slideshows, music/performers, whether you’re going to feed everyone, and where everyone in your family is going to sleep while they are in town. And they can also cost around the same amount of money. Sheesh.

5. (Tuesday)
We finished things up at the funeral home, and my family arrived in town. I needed to take a breather and so I ran some errands and picked up my wedding dress (Eeeee!). Dougie also took me to get a phone (yay iPhone official again!), and we took the girls to the mall. That night, we greeted people at visitation for a few hours. Everyone kept asking my sister if she was the one about to graduate college. Her reply: “I’m 15.” My reply: -_-

6. (Wednesday)
Very early, everyone assembled (yet not quiiiite on time) to go to the gravesite in Western Oklahoma. After a brief service there, we came back to “the City”, had lunch and a memorial service there. Afterwards, my whole family was exhausted. A ton of people didn’t even eat dinner because they were asleep. Here’s a picture of all of us cousins!

7. (Thursday)
I drove home and saw all the damage that the storm had brought, and was instantly grateful I didn’t have a tree in my yard or through my living room ceiling. I got to go to dinner with some lovely ladies from my pledge class for sushi (which was amaaaazing), and that was a nice kick-off to the weekend!



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