I know it’s Wednesday, but it’s a HOLIDAY WEEKEND! I’ll link up on Friday still!

1. I had three typed out at work and then I left work Wednesday and forgot to email them to myself….Boo. I don’t even remember them anymore.

2. I officially canceled my Citi credit card (I just didn’t use it) but not before I used up all my ThankYou points. It wasn’t a “good deal” per se, but I spent them all on this puppy, because of this unfortunate event called #HillaryinSpainIsSilly. Yes, I even bought the red color. Apparently the Sooner in me is harder to beat out than I thought… I need a new camera, and this is probably as close to free as I’m going to get. It’s not the best deal (SO MANY POINTS), or the newest, or fanciest. But it’ll do! Plus, judging my my luck with cameras I’ll need a new one by the time I get married…

3. My line-a-day journal is not kept up with…daily, but I will say I have nearly something written on every single day so far. 365 cards + 12 laminated cards for month separators do not fit in a 3×5 box, sadly. I had to find an alternative box, and without even bringing in a card, I bought this box at Hobby Lobby the other day. Obviously it’s a little wide, but when the basis of Cat’s present came with little wooden pieces (I don’t know what they are for…), I figured I could use them inside the box as stabilizers on the side. I also want to paint the box somehow, but make it something long lasting. Maybe a stain or something?

But isn’t it cute?


4. Justin came over and finally helped me put the sheets on my bed. Let’s not talk about how I slept on my mattress and a blanket only for 3 nights…He said that he will not allow it to happen when we are married. Which is good. Plus, he likes to make his bed. 🙂

5. Switching over the blog is really hard work, primarily because someone already took my desired domain name over on wordpress. So before I can make the big switch, I’ve got to come up with a new blog name. Sigh. So that sucks. Any suggestions are welcome…seriously.

6. I think I’m addicted to hyperlinks. They’re just so cool, and I’ve finally figured out how to use them effectively, like when trying to explain something about history, providing a link to Wikipedia or something you’re thinking about is so helpful!

7. J went with me to pick out new glasses, but I canceled the order so that I can wait for my insurance credit to kick in in August…I have to have polycarbonates because otherwise they’d be an inch thick (blind problems).

What do you think?


Happy Weekend!


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